Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry

With the fierce competition in the kitchenware industry, kitchenware manufacturing companies specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling commercial kitchen equipment, undertaking kitchen equipment projects in large hotels, hotels and schools are also facing revolutionary improvements in processing technology. The existing plate shears, benders, punches, turret punches, plasma cutters and other equipment can no longer provide enterprises with strong competitive advantages, However, the technology of laser cutting machine highlights its advantages.

The kitchenware industry is faced with short product renewal cycle, high personalized demand for kitchenware engineering, and mostly single-piece production. Stainless steel blanking requires various special-shaped holes and cutting curve edges, punch and turret punch can not carry out any shape of opening, plasma cutting machine blanking accuracy can not meet the requirements, and other factors lead to outdated processing equipment not only relying on the skill level of the scribing master and sheet metal blanking master, but also the cost of materials and time, resulting in high costs.

After the laser cutting machine is used for processing, all sheet metal blanking of single parts is completed by the laser cutting machine, which eliminates the pressure of rising labor costs, and greatly improves the work efficiency. The tens of thousands of yuan of outsourcing processing costs saved each month can basically recover the investment cost of the laser cutting machine in less than one year.

The optical fiber laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal plates and pipes, and it is a cutting equipment that is not available in the metal processing industry with fast cutting speed and high precision. The following Xinquanli laser will take you to analyze the major advantages of the optical fiber laser cutting machine in the kitchen utensils industry:

In the kitchenware industry, many stainless steel sinks, sinks and floor drains are processed by laser. In the process of processing, they do not have high requirements on the section, and will undergo secondary processing (polishing). Generally, the cutting thickness of the dishes is 0.6-1mm, and the thickness of the floor drain is less than 5mm. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly the case shell, which is generally made of stainless steel less than 3mm, and requires high cutting accuracy. It is very suitable to use optical fiber laser cutting.

Kitchenware is a household necessity. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for household kitchenware are also increasing. China’s kitchenware market is still a sunrise industry, and has entered a qualitative change stage from rapid growth to gradual maturity. The market space is huge, and the advantages of laser cutting machines are increasingly obvious.

The important feature of metal laser cutting machine is that it can cut very complex graphics with low cutting cost. Through non-contact cutting, the corresponding workpiece deformation is small and the product quality is good.

Laser cutting is applicable to various metal plates and pipes, and its laser cutting application industry is very wide; Such as: metal handicraft industry, kitchenware industry, lamp industry, pipe processing industry, chassis and cabinet processing industry, glasses, jewelry industry, hardware products industry, precision machinery industry, auto parts industry, elevator industry, nameplate industry, advertising industry, electronic toy industry and other corresponding metal hardware tools industry.

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