File processing format used by laser cutting equipment

In common use of laser cutting machines, the files drawn in CAD are generally transferred to DXF and saved to U disk, and then most of them are operated on the machine! The software can import files in dxf format. In other words, if you finish drawing with AutoCAD and save it in dxf format, you can import it,
1. First, save it in CAD. It is important to save the following picture formats: “dxf” format: in CAD file — save as — file name (one is enough according to the situation) — file type (certain suffix has dxf style)
2. Open with laser cutting software: file in the upper window – import – import DXF file. At this time, find the path saved just now, click it, and then open the required graph (if it was saved with laser cutting software at the beginning, open it with laser cutting software: file – import – import LXD file)
3. The laser cutting operation interface is similar to CAD software, but it has less functions. After opening, you can operate according to your own needs.
How is the laser cutting machine operated? The operation of laser cutting machine is divided into hardware and software. The hardware is mainly focusing. When focusing, all parts of the body should not block the laser light path, and be careful of burns. Software: special laser cutting machine software, which can be used with mainstream design software, such as cad, photoshop, etc.
Some operations of the machine are similar, such as adjusting the optical path, adjusting the focal length, and other operations of the machine hardware (pay attention to the safety when operating, be careful about the optical path of the laser, and the optical path must not be used). However, the software part sets different parameters according to the different materials to be processed. If there is no professional training, it is really time-consuming to explore by yourself, so you do not understand the laser machine, It’s better to know how to operate with the manufacturer.

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