What problems should be paid attention to when cutting round holes with laser cutting machine?

With the emergence and development of laser cutting machines, and because of the low accuracy of traditional cutting technology and many burrs, more and more enterprises choose laser cutting machines to cut round holes. It not only has smooth cutting surface, but also has the characteristics of flexible machining, which is welcomed by everyone.

So, let’s analyze the reasons and precautions for cutting round holes.

1、 The round hole is too small

Cutting holes with laser equipment is a satisfactory solution. The larger the hole diameter, the better the cutting. When the laser cutting machine with insufficient capacity cuts small holes, there will be irregular round holes and too many broken points left.

2、 Gas pressure is too high or too low

If the gas pressure is too high, the hole will burst. If the pressure is too low, the cutting edge will be rough and the burning will be serious. Choosing the gas pressure suitable for cutting is one of the reasons to solve the irregular cutting of round holes.

3、 Servo motor parameters

Many parameters of the servo motor are related to the circular arc motion. The parameters are not suitable for the motion of the x and y axes, and the mismatch will cause the elliptical or irregular shape of the cutting circular hole.

4、 The accuracy of lead screw or guide rail is not enough

The manufacturing level of cutting machine enterprises is low, which makes the precision of laser cutting machine less than 0.1mm, so the precision of round hole cutting can not meet the requirements.

Therefore, it is suggested that in identifying the quality of the laser cutting machine, we can identify whether the quality of the laser cutting machine to be purchased is satisfactory by observing the laser cutting round hole.

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