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Shuttle table 4kw fiber laser cutting machine 4000w fiber laser cutter machine

Shuttle table 4kw fiber laser cutting machine 4000w fiber laser cutter machine This machine adopts Germany Precitec head, Germany Trumpf laser source , the effective worktable is 6x2m . #1530 fiber laser cutting machine #laser cutting machine metal cutter fiber #fiber laser cutting machine for metal #fiber laser 500 watt cutting machine Nanjing Prima CNC […]

co2 laser cutting machine.#lasercuttingmachine #lasercutter

HUGEELASER, TOP LASER SUPPLIER. Website: Whatsapp/Wechat : +86 18901582087 Products inculding: laser cutter, laser marking machine, laser engraver, CO2 laser machine, laser welding machine, laser bending machine, laser cleaning machine, their accessories, etc. All produts have passed Certificate: ISO9001 CE FDA UCYzMnUYFO8X6V7Ks-codH1Q laser cutter #co2 #laser #cutting #machine.lasercuttingmachine #lasercutter

Coco Inspired Laser Engraved Apple Watch Band // Glowforge Pro

Let’s make a Coco inspired laser engraved Apple watch band using the Glowforge Pro! ▼▼▼ TOOLS USED ▼▼▼ MARKERS: OVERHEAD LIGHT/PHONE HOLDER: SPRAY BOTTLE: (you should be able to find these for much cheaper at your local Dollar Store) RUBBING ALCOHOL: (doesn’t have to be this kind — any kind should […]

Roll to Roll Textile Laser Engraving Machine /Fabric Laser Marking System

ZJJF(3D)-160LD Galvo laser engraving for textile.[EMAIL ] WEB: | Listed laser company supply textile laser engraving machine,laser cutting,hollowing punching machine. ZJJF(3D)-160LD Roll to Roll High Speed Flying Laser Engraving and Punching Machine Laser Engraving Machine Feature (1) ,It is especially designed for continuous engraving and punching process. (2), The width of the working table […]

Optical fiber laser cutting machine has significant advantages in the field of automobile manufacturing

As an important weapon in sheet metal processing, optical fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in many industries, such as processing manufacturers of large equipment such as automobiles, ships, aircraft, etc. With the continuous improvement of China’s economic and social development, the number of cars owned by Chinese residents has been rising, and the […]

Which gas is selected for laser cutting machine to process steel plate

In the traditional laser cutting of carbon steel, oxygen is generally selected. With the continuous progress and breakthrough of high-power laser cutting technology, nitrogen and air have also become powerful aids for carbon steel processing. The flexible selection of nitrogen, oxygen and air according to different application needs can not only improve the cutting efficiency, […]

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is slower to cut metal thinner than 1mm?

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular in the sheet metal industry in recent years, but it is because compared with traditional cutting methods, optical fiber laser cutting machine consumes less materials and has high cutting accuracy and efficiency. Today, I share with you the most common mistake about optical fiber laser […]

The domestic laser industry has grown from nothing, from weak to strong, and has undergone 50 years of great changes!

The domestic laser industry has grown from nothing, and the laser has grown from weak to strong. It has gone through fifty years of great changes! We all know that China’s laser technology has entered the international popular list, but many people do not know the difficulties, and no one said about the development history […]

Can optical fiber laser cutting machine cut aluminum plates?

Aluminum plate processing is often encountered in sheet metal processing. One of the problems is whether aluminum plate can be processed by optical fiber laser cutting machine? The answer is yes. In fact, several years ago, the optical fiber laser cutting machine was able to cut aluminum plates. At that time, workers applied ink to […]