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Is the fiber laser cutting machine domestic or imported?

For a long time, we all think that imported products are better than domestic ones, from shoes to cars, and of course, our fiber laser cutting machine. We think that as long as we buy imported equipment, the quality can be guaranteed, but is that true? There is a certain distance between China’s fiber laser […]

What is the function of cutting head sensor of fiber laser cutting machine?

It is very important to accurately control the distance between the cutting head and the workpiece and the perpendicularity between the nozzle and the workpiece surface when the optical fiber laser cutting machine is cutting. The quality of control will directly affect the processing quality of laser cutting equipment, so in order to improve the […]

What are the advantages of portable fiber laser marking machines?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, laser marking equipment is not only used in the industrial laser equipment industry, but also widely needed by individuals and even individuals. So the pursuit of small size, convenient handling, and adaptability to the processing location has become a hot spot of equipment demand. Then the product […]

What are the significant advantages of automatic fiber laser welding machine?

Laser welding technology is a fusion welding technology, which uses laser beam as energy to impact the welded joint to achieve the welding purpose. It is composed of an optical oscillator and a medium placed between the mirrors at both ends of the oscillator hole. Because this welding method requires relatively less manpower and material […]

Five steps for purchasing optical fiber laser cutting machine

In recent years, optical fiber laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in sheet metal, handicraft and other processing industries, whether in the field of metal cutting or non-metal cutting. The technology of optical fiber laser cutting machine has been quite mature and has a very large market share in the cutting […]

What is the reason why the workpiece of the fiber laser cutting machine cannot be cut through?

As a kind of metal processing equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine has unique cutting advantages in the sheet metal cutting industry and has been given high expectations in the industry. However, in practical applications, many operators often find that the cutting effect is not ideal, or even the cutting workpiece is not transparent, which […]

Analysis of the reasons for power reduction of fiber laser cutting machine

There are some more or less losses in the long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, such as slow cutting speed and poor cutting accuracy. Many people think that the laser power has decreased. There are many reasons that affect the power reduction of laser cutting machine, not necessarily the problem of laser. The following […]

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