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Top 5 Best CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine in 2023

Top 5 Best CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine in 2023. In this video, I review 5 best CO2 laser engraver and cutter … UChgr998G3pNSOFitQuWiylQ co2 laser engraving machine #Top #CO2 #Laser #Engraving #Cutting #Machine

Is the laser cutting machine that integrates plates and tubes easy to use?

As for the processing industry, using laser cutting of sheet metal as the main component is a fast and effective processing method for the manufacturing industry. Compared with other cutting processes, the tube sheet integrated laser cutting machine has good processing flexibility for cutting plates, and can process any shape, pipeline, and other special profiles. […]

How much is the laser cutting machine?

The price quoted for laser cutting machines is closely related to the unique advantages of the product itself. For example, the quality, volume, weight, need for maintenance, simplicity of air cooling operation, degree of operation, service life in the working environment, and processing accuracy of the beam will directly affect the quotation of domestic laser […]

What is the general price of a laser cutting machine?

The price of laser cutting machines is generally around 100000 to 400000 yuan. Laser cutting is achieved by utilizing the high power density energy generated by laser focusing. Under the control of a computer, the laser emits controlled repetitive high-frequency pulses through pulse discharge, forming a beam of light with a certain frequency and pulse […]

What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines

The fiber laser cutting machine is composed of a machine tool, a control console, and a laser generator, and belongs to a large CNC machine tool. Unlike traditional metal processing equipment, fiber laser cutting machines have advantages such as high processing accuracy, fast speed, smooth cuts, safety, environmental protection, pollution-free, and no graphic restrictions, making […]

How to choose a laser cutting machine?

When we choose laser cutting machines, the manufacturer is one aspect. However, if knowledgeable people know that some domestic laser manufacturers are basically just an assembly factory, and some large manufacturers produce equipment, their quality is relatively better, so they can buy with confidence; However, some manufacturers may not be able to make good equipment, […]

What are the advantages of laser cutting machines for deep analysis?

What are the advantages of laser cutting machines? It is generally recommended to use a fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal materials such as stainless steel plates, copper, aluminum, and carbon steel. Fiber laser cutting machines have the following competitive advantages as manufacturers of laser cutting machines. 1. Good cutting quality. Due to the […]

Treatment measures when the laser does not emit light

The laser cutting machine is no longer equipped with a laser. It is recommended to carefully inspect the laser. The following measures are taken when the laser does not emit light: (1) Check if the emergency stop switch (PIN23 pin) of the equipment is normal (when the laser is working normally, this signal is high […]

How to handle laser cutting machines to prevent cold and freezing?

When the temperature is below 0 ℃, the increase in liquid water solidification volume may cause irreversible damage to the pipelines, joints, and components in the water cooling system. If the components of the water cooling system are damaged by freezing, the laser manufacturer will not provide warranty. Here are some warm reminders for winter […]

What problems will laser cutting machines encounter during the process of cutting thick plates

Laser processing, as an advanced material cutting method, has become increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. With the continuous progress of computer control technology and optical technology, people’s expectations for its processing ability are also increasing. This expectation is not only for being able to cut, but also for being able to cut well and […]