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Reasons for Discontinuity in Laser Cutting Machine Cutting

When operating a laser cutting machine, it is inevitable to encounter poor cutting quality. In today’s article, we will introduce the last common laser cutting problem: discontinuous cutting. Reason for cutting discontinuity: Unreasonable programming may cause discontinuity in template cutting. During the cutting process of the template, the cutting head is very close to the […]

How much is a laser cutting machine?

The price of laser cutting equipment is quite expensive, about 10000 yuan. With the continuous development of the storage tank industry, more and more industries and enterprises are applying to storage tanks, and more and more enterprises are entering the storage tank industry. However, due to the reduction in subsequent processing costs, the use of […]

Is laser cutting machine harmful to the body?

Harmless. Principle: Laser is a type of light that, like other natural light, is generated by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions, etc.). But it is different from ordinary light. At the beginning, the laser only depends on a very short period of spontaneous emission, and the subsequent process is completely determined by stimulated […]

What are the differences between fiber optic cutting machines and CO2 laser cutting machines?

1. Compare the difference between laser equipment structure fiber cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine. Carbon dioxide gas is the medium that produces laser beams. However, fiber optic lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. The fiber laser system generates a laser beam through multiple diode pumps, which are then transmitted to […]

What materials can fiber laser cutting machines cut?

Let’s take a look at these common processing materials: When the carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine uses oxygen as the processing gas, the cutting edge will be slightly oxidized. When the thickness reaches 4, the mm plate can be high-pressure cut using nitrogen gas as the processing gas. In this case, the cutting edge […]


In the video we will talk about the insides of CO2 laser machines. You will learn what they consist of and what components to pay … UCmFeSsoTtHkkTg_4-09rQ-g co2 laser engraving machine #CO2 #LASER #ENGRAVING #MACHINE #PARTS #WATTSAN #CNC #TUTORIAL

How thick can laser cutting machines of different powers cut boards?

The laser cutting machine targets metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, silver, copper, titanium, etc. The cutting thickness of different power laser cutting machines for different metal materials is closely related to the cutting material. 1000 watts, 2000 watts… how thick can laser cutting machines of various powers cut? […]

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Why does the fiber laser cutting machine not produce light?

1. Check whether the water alternates normally, so that the water alternates normally. If the water guarantee is broken, it can be short circuited to ensure use; 2. Click on the preset button to check if the ammeter is swinging. If not swinging, use an electric meter to measure whether the laser power supply is […]

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Fiber laser cutting machines often encounter problems

The laser cutting machine has been warning of insufficient compressed air supply. 1. Laser alarm release: The machine displays Lasersourcemasteralarm, indicating a laser alarm. Click on the laser operation panel Listofalarm to view the alarm letters (1) Compressed air (air alarm) (2) Nomixgas (mixed gas alarm) (3) After replacing the cylinder with LackofN2 (high purity […]