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What is the core technology of metal laser cutting machine

We know that metal laser cutting machine has obvious advantages for cutting various metals or plates, which is why the application of metal laser cutting machine is so extensive. So what is the core technology of metal laser cutting machine? Now let’s analyze it together. The metal processed by metal laser cutting machine has high […]

What are the main categories of laser cutting machines

At present, laser cutting machines are divided into several categories due to their different purposes and structures. Then enterprises should have a deep understanding of the classification of laser cutting machines when purchasing laser cutting machines. Now let’s analyze it together. The principle of the laser cutting machine: after the laser is generated, four lenses […]

Advantages of metal laser cutting machine over traditional machining

As the main project of modern industrial development, mechanical processing is the king’s way to improve processing efficiency. How can we improve the efficiency of machining? That is to use a new cutting equipment: metal laser cutting machine. Metal laser cutting machine is a modern new cutting machine equipment. Compared with the traditional cutting machine, […]

How to choose a suitable metal laser cutting machine

With the increasingly fierce market competition and the rising market demand, laser equipment such as metal laser cutting machine has been widely used. If you want to select a suitable metal laser cutting machine, you should consider the following issues: thin cutting seam, fast speed, smooth cutting surface, small thermal deformation, suitable for processing large […]

Differences between CO2 laser cutting machine and optical fiber laser cutting machine

Traditional metal hot working has flame, plasma and other cutting methods. As a modern cutting tool capable of fine cutting perfectly, metal laser cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 metal laser cutting machine, two kinds of laser technologies, began to fight fiercely. Many metal processing enterprises do not understand the difference between […]

Which of the three metal cutting machines do you choose?

In our life, metal is a very common material. Gold, silver and copper are used to make coins, and iron is used to make tools and weapons. For this production link, there are many complex processes involved, but cutting is the most basic. There are many ways to cut metal. The choice of cutting method […]

How to Select Cutting Machine for Cold Rolled Metal Sheet

First of all, let’s get to know the cold rolled sheet. Cold rolled sheet is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet, commonly known as cold rolled sheet. It is a hot-rolled steel strip of ordinary carbon structural steel, which is further cold-rolled into a steel plate with a thickness of less […]

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