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Application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in hardware tool industry

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry has actively combined stainless steel products with environmental protection, energy resources and cultural environment, making the international market increasingly demand for domestic stainless steel hardware products, and making the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry become the main force of the world hardware […]

How to control the speed of laser cutting to improve the cutting quality?

In the process of using laser cutting machine, how to ensure the quality of laser cutting machine? Cutting speed, auxiliary gas pressure, laser output power, focus position adjustment and workpiece characteristics are the main factors that affect the quality of laser cutting. The laser cutting speed is an important factor affecting the quality of laser […]

Strictly control the starting sequence of fiber laser cutting machine

During the operation of the laser cutting machine, if the starting sequence of the fiber laser cutting machine is strictly controlled, the risk of condensation can be reduced and the failure of the machine can be reduced! ① Check whether there are any items in the operation range of the machine tool that affect the […]

Why can’t optical fiber laser cutting machine cut non-metallic materials?

First of all, it belongs to the processing category of metal laser cutting machine, so it can only cut metal, not cloth, leather, stone and other non-metals. The reason is very simple. The wavelength range of optical fiber laser cutting machine is not within the absorption range of the above materials, or the absorption is […]

How to select laser cutting machine for sheet metal

Sheet metal laser cutting machine, also known as metal laser cutting machine, is mainly used for fast and accurate laser cutting of metal materials. It is suitable for stainless steel laser cutting, carbon steel laser cutting, etc. It is a new darling in the metal processing industry. It is no longer the processing of all […]

Is the aluminum plate laser cutting machine expensive?

Aluminum plate is a material often used in processing and production, so it must involve the blanking and forming process. As a modern advanced metal forming equipment, aluminum plate laser cutting machine has been widely used in the processing market due to its advantages of high flexibility and fast forming efficiency. So, many people will […]

Which household appliances need carbon steel laser cutting machine

Household appliance manufacturers are carrying out a new round of business adjustment in response to the changes in the demand of the terminal market. In terms of products, high-end and intelligent products have gradually become the main trend. Laser cutting machines are customized and refined according to user needs. Laser processing is to irradiate the […]

What problems should be paid attention to when cutting round holes with laser cutting machine?

With the emergence and development of laser cutting machines, and because of the low accuracy of traditional cutting technology and many burrs, more and more enterprises choose laser cutting machines to cut round holes. It not only has smooth cutting surface, but also has the characteristics of flexible machining, which is welcomed by everyone. So, […]

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