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How to judge the processing quality of laser cutting machine

Now there are many laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the laser cutting machines produced are also different, from the shape to the equipment, are very different. If we want to buy a good laser cutting machine, how should we choose it? As for the vast laser cutting processing, the evaluation of its […]

What is the price of optical fiber laser cutting machine and how to choose

Before purchasing the laser cutting machine, many people were most concerned about the price of the laser cutting machine, which ranged from hundreds of thousands to millions. If you don’t know the price of the laser cutting machine, you may spend a lot of money but can’t buy high-quality laser cutting machines, so you can’t […]

What materials cannot be cut by optical fiber laser cutter?

With the increasing demand for laser cutting equipment in more and more industries, laser cutting equipment is facing new challenges. In particular, the requirements for handicrafts are getting higher and higher, and the upgrading of technology is very important. In some industries that do not touch laser cutting machines, they have begun to use optical […]

How does the laser cutting machine cut good products?

In laser cutting machine, some key technologies must be mastered and solved for parts with high cutting accuracy or large thickness. Focus position control is one of them. One of the advantages of laser cutting is the high energy density of the beam, so the diameter of the focus should be as small as possible […]

It is important to choose laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine includes an open laser cutting machine and an interactive laser cutting machine. The open laser cutting machine is a single platform laser cutting machine without a large surrounding structure. This laser cutting machine has a very high performance price ratio, and is generally used for cutting metal plates. The interactive laser […]

High cost performance laser cutting equipment

Laser cutting equipment is a cost-effective equipment both in appearance and price. First of all, it is not for cutting single metal materials, but for all kinds of metal materials. It has become a cost-effective machine in various industries, especially in the sheet metal processing industry. In terms of technology The laser cutting equipment adopts […]

How much does it cost to buy a fiber laser cutting machine

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a common machine in the factory. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. With the gradual decline of the manufacturing cost of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the price of optical fiber laser cutting machine is uneven at home and […]

Why can’t you buy a second-hand laser cutting machine

For a long time, many people have been struggling to buy second-hand laser cutting machines. Jiatai tells you with many years of production experience that there are four hidden dangers in buying second-hand laser cutting machines First of all, let’s learn about the core components of the laser cutting machine: fiber laser, cutting head: servo […]

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