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What problems will laser cutting machines encounter during the process of cutting thick plates

Laser processing, as an advanced material cutting method, has become increasingly accepted by sheet metal producers. With the continuous progress of computer control technology and optical technology, people’s expectations for its processing ability are also increasing. This expectation is not only for being able to cut, but also for being able to cut well and […]

Characteristics and differences between CO2 glass laser tubes and CO2 RF lasers

It can be mainly used to cut some non-metallic materials, such as paper, bamboo and wood products, acrylic, rubber, etc. Cutting thickness depends on the actual cutting speed and cutting quality. Generally, the slower the cutting speed, the thicker the cutting, but there will be fusion edges at the cutting edge. Theoretically, a 25W laser […]

Precautions for electricity and fire prevention of laser cutting machine on exchange platform

The exchange platform laser cutting machine is the cutting equipment that two exchange platforms exchange material and cut, which greatly saves the waiting time for material loading and improves the cutting efficiency. The fiber laser cutting machine has high cutting efficiency, small heat affected zone, beautiful and firm cutting seam, low operation cost, and powerful […]

What happens when the cutting seam becomes larger during laser cutting machine processing

Nowadays, there is no fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing, which makes people feel a little out. The fiber laser cutting machine has become one of the indispensable tools for sheet metal processing. The advantages of high precision and high efficiency make the fiber laser cutting machine rapidly occupy the sheet metal processing […]

Several key technologies to improve the precision of laser cutting

Laser cutting accuracy is the key factor to measure the cutting quality of laser cutting machine. So, how can we achieve high accuracy in laser cutting? After years of practice, REDSAIL laser has summarized several key technologies to improve the precision of laser cutting: 1. Focus position control technology. The smaller the focal depth of […]

Difference of the size of the field mirror in fiber laser marking

All laser marking machines have field conditions. What is the field condition? What is the difference between the size of the field mirror? Today, Redsail laser will give you a brief introduction. Field lens: also known as flat field focusing lens, scanning lens, F- θ Mirror. It is mainly used to focus the light from […]

How to judge the processing quality of laser cutting machine

Now there are many laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the laser cutting machines produced are also different, from the shape to the equipment, are very different. If we want to buy a good laser cutting machine, how should we choose it? As for the vast laser cutting processing, the evaluation of its […]

What is the price of optical fiber laser cutting machine and how to choose

Before purchasing the laser cutting machine, many people were most concerned about the price of the laser cutting machine, which ranged from hundreds of thousands to millions. If you don’t know the price of the laser cutting machine, you may spend a lot of money but can’t buy high-quality laser cutting machines, so you can’t […]

What materials cannot be cut by optical fiber laser cutter?

With the increasing demand for laser cutting equipment in more and more industries, laser cutting equipment is facing new challenges. In particular, the requirements for handicrafts are getting higher and higher, and the upgrading of technology is very important. In some industries that do not touch laser cutting machines, they have begun to use optical […]