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Precautions for making two-dimensional barcode with laser marking machine

With the rapid and continuous development of science and technology in the era, the Internet has developed more excellent, and the application of communication equipment software and two-dimensional code has become more active. The continuous development and innovation of two-dimensional code has won the favor of people from all walks of life and enterprises. Now, […]

Five Factors Affecting the Cutting Quality of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser

As the saying goes, it is the heart of laser equipment and plays a decisive role in laser cutting quality. A good laser should have ideal mode, stable power and other elements. There are many kinds of lasers, which can be defined differently from different angles. According to the excited medium, it can be roughly […]

How to control the quality of glass laser marking machine?

Many factory technicians can use glass laser marking operation, but it is more difficult to be exquisite and confused. Today, I will tell you how to control the quality of glass laser marking machine in the operation of laser marking machine? In the continuous improvement and development of enterprises, factories and manufacturing industries, a new […]

Difference between ultraviolet laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine

With the continuous development of the laser industry, many customers do not have a good understanding of the laser. They only know the fur but do not know the meaning of the laser. There are many types of laser marking machines and their performance is completely different. Just these days, I have received a lot […]

Can ultraviolet laser marking function for glass deep carving

Can the ultraviolet laser marking machine be used for deep carving of glass? The ultraviolet laser marking equipment, with the characteristics of laser equipment, can realize the function of online flight marking on the assembly line, mainly for the shallow identification of thin and fragile articles. The ultraviolet laser marking machine has become a popular […]

Principle of metal optical fiber laser marking machine and mainstream marking materials

What is the principle of the metal optical fiber laser marking machine? It is to use the laser beam to remove the metal materials in specific parts, so as to achieve the desired effect or logo. In the application of metal laser marking and carving, the laser beam is like a chisel used in carving, […]

What material is suitable for laser marking machine to engrave on the scale

At present, the operation of the flying laser marking machine in the market is more and more extensive, but we still need to understand that the equipment is not omnipotent. For special packaging, it is still unable to complete the coding and marking required by customers, such as food film packaging, balloons, etc. are thin […]

Different materials use different laser marking machines and krypton lamps

The laser marking machine can be divided into ultraviolet laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser marking machine and other types according to the different ways of generating laser. The application range of different types of laser marking machines is also different. Why do different materials use different laser marking […]

How to maintain the laser marking machine?

With the popularization of laser technology, the application of laser marking machine is more and more extensive. For the laser marking function to work smoothly, daily maintenance and servicing are indispensable. Xinquanli Laser shares some tips on the maintenance of laser marking machines. 1、 First is galvanometer. Avoid getting close to strong magnetic, electric and […]

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