Advantages of metal laser cutting machine in metal processing industry

The traditional metal cutting is generally completed by grinding wheel cutting, oxygen cutting, shearing machine and other processing methods. This kind of cutting method has large cutting seam, low precision, rough cutting surface, serious thermal deformation, and limited cutting pattern, single processing form, requiring secondary processing. However, the commonly used punch press needs mold making, which has short service life, high cost of machine purchase, high noise, serious pollution, bad working environment, and high cost of small batch production, all of which have become the bottleneck restricting the development of the metal cutting industry.

The laser cutting machine manufacturer will introduce the advantages of metal laser cutting machine in the metal processing industry.

Metal laser cutting machine is recognized as the most effective processing method to replace traditional metal cutting due to its outstanding advantages such as high precision, fast speed, small heat affected zone, low use cost, low maintenance cost, and wide material adaptability. Compared with the CNC punch, the laser cutting machine does not need to open the mold, and the complex graphics can be easily cut out, and the cutting quality is higher without secondary processing.

Metal laser cutting machine has no burr, wrinkles and high precision, which is superior to plasma cutting. For many mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprises, because the modern laser cutting system of microcomputer program can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes (the work-piece drawing can be modified by the paper industry), it is often preferred over the punching and molding process; Although its processing speed is slower than that of die punching, it has no die consumption, no need to repair the die, and also saves the time to replace the die, thus saving the processing cost and reducing the product cost. Therefore, on the whole, it is more economical. On the other hand, from the perspective of how to adapt the die to the design size and shape changes of the workpiece, laser cutting machine can also play its advantages of accuracy and good reproducibility.

As the preferred manufacturing method of the laminated mold, the laser cutting machine cutting operation cost is not expensive because it does not require senior mold makers, so it can significantly reduce the mold manufacturing cost. The additional benefit of laser cutting is that the cutting edge of the mold will produce a shallow hardening layer (heat affected zone), improving the wear resistance of the mold during operation. The non-contact feature of metal laser cutting machine brings the advantage of no stress to the cutting and forming of circular saw blade, thus improving the service life.

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