Application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in hardware tool industry

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry has actively combined stainless steel products with environmental protection, energy resources and cultural environment, making the international market increasingly demand for domestic stainless steel hardware products, and making the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry become the main force of the world hardware tool industry. The quality, packaging and supply of stainless steel hardware products, as well as the R&D and extended production process of stainless steel hardware tool products, have received international acclaim and praise. The development advantage of domestic stainless steel hardware tools makes the production center of international stainless steel hardware multinational companies move to China, providing the market basis for domestic stainless steel hardware tools to enter the international market.

Laser cutting is a processing method that generates high-energy beam after focusing, and then melts or vaporizes at high temperature in an instant to form a cut. In the hardware processing operation, almost all the plates need to be formed in the laser cutting machine at one time, so the application of the laser cutting machine reduces the process and duration, effectively improves the work efficiency, can realize the double optimization and reduction of the labor intensity and processing cost of the workers, at the same time, promote the optimization of the working environment, greatly improve the research and development speed and progress, reduce the investment in the mold, and effectively reduce the cost;

Laser cutting machine can effectively shorten the processing and manufacturing cycle of new products and greatly reduce the investment of molds in hardware processing; Greatly improve the processing speed of workers and eliminate unnecessary processing procedures; At the same time, the wide application of laser cutting machine in hardware processing can effectively process various complex parts, improve accuracy, directly shorten the processing cycle, improve the accuracy of processing, and effectively improve labor productivity.

Laser cutting is applicable to various metal plates and pipes, and its laser cutting application industry is very wide; Such as: metal handicraft industry, kitchenware industry, lamp industry, pipe processing industry, chassis and cabinet processing industry, glasses, jewelry industry, hardware products industry, precision machinery industry, auto parts industry, elevator industry, nameplate industry, advertising industry, electronic toy industry and other corresponding metal hardware tools industry.

The main characteristics of metal laser cutting machine are that it can cut very complex graphics with low cutting cost. Through non-contact cutting, the corresponding workpiece deformation is small and the product quality is good.

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