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Laser engraving Machine | How to cut a Christmas card (use Kraft paper)Bachin 1720/4050P

Hi friends ,this video is for how to make a Christmas card (greeting card or birthday card). It is very easy ! Need the kraft paper and the Bachin laser engraving machine ,the type choose D8-1720 or D8-4050P, the laser power is 2500mW .You can try a variety of paper that you like. Step 1:Find […]

Laser Cutting And Engraving Hardboard – BRM Lasers

Laser cutting and engraving hardboard is a perfect solution for making menu cards. Hardboard is a solid material that easily can be engraved or cut. Website ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Pinterest ► —————————————– Keywords related to BRM Lasers: BRM Lasers BRMLasers Lasermachine laser machine lasers laser de co2 laser portal […]

LVD ORION Stand alone laser cutting machine

LVD ORION stand alone laser cutting machine COST-EFFICIENT LASER CUTTING Ideal as an entry level machine for jobbing shops as well as cellular manufacturing and high production environments Directly reduces laser cut part cost due to lower capital investment Up to 4000 x 2000 mm (160″x 80″) (X x Y) sheet size capability Up to […]

CO2 Laser (Construction, Working along with Energy level diagram)

This video describes Carbon Di Oxide Laser , its construction and Working along with energy level diagram. Carbondioxide laser (Construction , working along with energy level diagram) CO2 Laser (Construction , working along with energy level diagram) carbon di oxide laser Carbon Di Oxide Laser Carbon di oxide laser UCXZGfBFowcp-nTee_O2i-Cw co2 laser #CO2 #Laser #Construction […]

mini laser engraving machine diy engraver 2500mW for MDF wood cutting BACHIN D8-4050

Hey guys , Just made a lovely bay max, share it with everyone.I love this laser engraving machine (BACHIN D8-4050), it can help me do a lot of interesting works . The laser power is 2500mW, and the wood is MDF ,thickness 2mm The software is Bachin Draw ,very easy and multi-function. More information about […]

co2 laser engraver for bottles

Sinic co2 laser engraver info (the video is engraving glass cup): Laser type: co2 laser tube Working area: 1300*900mm (bigger or smaller is optional) Laser tube power: double 80w (optional 100w/130w/150w) Software: Autocad, Coreldaw, photoshop, etc Application: professional for flat or round non metal material engraving, such as wood, acrylic, MDF, plastic, leather, paper, cloth, […]


PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE – https://GIZMO-HUB.COM BE A BACKER & PRE-ORDER HILASER Z4, Z4-1, & Z3 – 5 LASER ENGRAVERS THAT WILL AMAZE YOU – Powerful Industrial-grade Dual Laser Source Engraving, Compact & Super Fast Laser Engraver & Cutter for All Materials. LASER ENGRAVER PLAYLIST – SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL BY BUYING THE […]

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