How to control the speed of laser cutting to improve the cutting quality?

In the process of using laser cutting machine, how to ensure the quality of laser cutting machine? Cutting speed, auxiliary gas pressure, laser output power, focus position adjustment and workpiece characteristics are the main factors that affect the quality of laser cutting. The laser cutting speed is an important factor affecting the quality of laser cutting. It is an important work to control the cutting speed in laser processing.
In the processing of laser cutting machine, the factors that affect the laser cutting speed include: the density of cutting material, the thickness of cutting material, output power, beam mode, the size of focus spot, etc. Generally, the speed of laser cutting can be adjusted by controlling these factors. For example, the speed of laser cutting can be improved by increasing the output power, improving the beam mode, and reducing the size of the focus spot.
For laser cutting of materials, the general cutting speed is inversely proportional to the density and thickness of the material to be cut; Moreover, for a given laser power density and material, the cutting speed of the material is proportional to the laser power density, that is, increasing the power density can improve the cutting speed. Because the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the focused spot also has a great impact on the laser cutting, the power density is not only related to the laser output power, but also related to the beam quality mode.

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