How to operate the laser cutting machine correctly

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine

1. According to the instruction manual of the laser cutting machine, start the equipment strictly according to the above procedures.

2. The personnel who operate the equipment must be trained by the laser cutting machine manufacturer before they can start working.

3. When processing materials, you must wear necessary protective equipment, such as protective glasses.

4. Refuse to use laser for irradiation and processing until the processing material is clear.

5. After the laser cutting machine is started, full-time personnel must be present to prevent unauthorized departure. If you need to leave, you should turn off your equipment.

6. There should be a fire extinguisher and other readily available equipment near the laser cutting machine.

7. In the process of processing, if any abnormal situation is found, it should be stopped immediately, and then find a special person to detect.

8. The laser cutting machine equipment after use must be cleaned in time to make full preparations for the next step of processing.

9. Regularly check the laser tube, auxiliary gas and other consumables on time and in quantity. Make sure it’s enough!

10. When the laser cutting machine is working, you should pay attention to observe whether there is any abnormality in every detail of the machine tool.