How to select laser cutting machine for sheet metal

Sheet metal laser cutting machine, also known as metal laser cutting machine, is mainly used for fast and accurate laser cutting of metal materials. It is suitable for stainless steel laser cutting, carbon steel laser cutting, etc. It is a new darling in the metal processing industry. It is no longer the processing of all kinds of manual tools and dies, but also avoids the problems of insufficient manpower, waste of materials and excessive errors. In the era of pursuing efficiency, the sheet metal laser cutting machine can give you the processing advantages of low cost and high efficiency.

So how should we choose in an era when the manufacturers of sheet metal laser cutting machines are so mixed? To select a suitable sheet metal laser cutting machine, we should have good judgment and recognition ability. Here are some suggestions for high-energy laser.

There are three main points in buying equipment: one is the company’s technical strength, the second is the equipment quality, and the third is after-sales service! The company’s technology is not good, and the company’s strength is not good. It will be closed within a few years, so we will not talk about after-sales service. Secondly, the equipment quality is mainly reflected in several aspects, including product configuration, machine tool work, and assembly technology! Generally speaking, there are many options for the configuration. There are imported and domestic lasers, and the price is also different. The work of the machine tool is very important, which determines the stability, accuracy and service life of the machine in the future! Assembly technology is also very important, which determines the overall quality and performance of the equipment.

The popularity of the brand can reflect the reputation of a sheet metal laser cutting machine manufacturer, and it is safer to choose a brand manufacturer.

Secondly, price is an important factor in selecting a suitable sheet metal laser cutting machine, and cost-effectiveness has always been the pursuit of customers. Each company has different sales strategies and different positioning in terms of price. It is suggested that customers can make more comparisons and then decide to choose the configuration and manufacturer suitable for their processing needs.

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