Laser Cut Glass Film

Glass film can not only play the role of heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-collision, safety and explosion-proof, etc., but also spread corporate culture and render festive atmosphere. Therefore, it is widely used in business, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, furniture and other spaces. Laser cut glass film, so that there is also a hazy feeling
According to the overall style of the store decoration or the decorative elements of holiday symbols, after drawing on the computer program, the laser cutting machine can cut patterns or texts with rich shapes according to the preset drawings. It only takes a few seconds to complete the cutting of the entire layout of the glass film, providing a fast customized way for the store to improve the visual and sensory pleasure.

Laser cutting machine is a non-contact processing method, one-time cutting and rapid prototyping, no tool or mold is required, and only electricity consumption can be used for processing. Paste the glass film after laser processing to create a business space that ensures sufficient interior lighting and is beautiful and fashionable.

The laser cutting machine has high precision, small heat-affected zone, and smooth and beautiful cutting seam of the glass film after processing. After the glass partition with company information is pasted on the glass partition in the office building, it not only improves the privacy of the office and the aesthetics of the overall office environment, but also allows the corporate culture and brand image to be displayed.

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