Laser Engraved Acrylic Night Light

The night needs to be quiet and warm

An acrylic night light

Like “the sky and the night are as cool as water”, the firefly

Like the stars in the cold night in the fairy tale country

Carrying the sparkling stars at night, accompany you to sleep

Laser engraved acrylic night light, may you be treated gently at night

When night falls, a small night light slowly lights up

The soft light of warm companionship cuts through the darkness in the corner and is reassuring

Use laser to engrave the beauty in your heart

Grind out memory traces, the temperature of the years

evoke those unforgettable memories

The mottled light and shadow are interlaced, like stepping into a dreamy mood in a poem

Multi-layered light and shadow make the space more vitality

With the embellishment of the laser engraving machine it goes beyond the scope of lighting

Not just a simple lamp but a work of art of life

A touch of soft yellow warmth by the bed is an excellent sleep color

Fine laser engraved details illuminated by LED light

Showing 3D light effects, full of romance

Create a captivating visual illusion

Create a hazy room atmosphere in the bedroom

Healing night light in the dark

standing in the bright moonlight

Accompany you in the dark night

Laser engraving night light with soft writing warmth

decorate your dreamland

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