Protective measures for optical fiber laser cutting machine in winter

The cold winter is coming. In order to better cope with the cold weather and successfully complete the production plan at the end of the year, the Redsail laser reminds you that you need to pay attention to the antifreeze measures of the optical fiber laser cutter~

Liquids have freezing points. When the temperature is lower than the freezing point, they will solidify into solids. The volume of deionized water and purified water will increase during the solidification process, which will damage the pipes and sealing connections of the water cooling system, so as to avoid damaging the equipment. Therefore, the equipment needs to be protected against freezing.

Method 1:

The power supply of the equipment is kept constant, the refrigerator is always running, and the ambient temperature of the equipment is not lower than the freezing point, so that the coolant is always circulating. At the same time, the normal temperature can also be adjusted to about 10 ℃. However, in order to avoid emergencies and uncertain factors (power failure) that may cause damage to the equipment, this method is recommended to be carefully selected.

Method 2: Drain the coolant in the laser cutting machine

Drain the coolant from the equipment through the drain port of the cutter. And inject pure gas to ensure that there is no coolant in the whole water circulating cooling system. This can also ensure that the cutting machine will not be damaged by low temperature.

Method 3:

Use special antifreeze as coolant. If the antifreeze contains impurities, it will stick in the pipes of laser and other components, which will cause certain damage to the equipment. Then add antifreeze at the corresponding proportion according to the local actual temperature (the antifreeze can be recommended to use the AntifrogenN of Clariant, and it is prohibited to use automobile antifreeze). Generally, the proportion is 3:7 (3 for antifreeze, 7 for water)

Precautions for anti freezing

If the concentration of antifreeze is too high, it is easy to increase the water circulation resistance, so it should be added according to the recommended proportion.

For the chiller, if it is necessary to add water again, the pump must be vented before starting to avoid damage to the pump equipment.

Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and purified water, and cannot be used for a long time all year round. After winter, replace it in time. Before replacement, clean the pipeline with deionized water or purified water, remove the antifreeze, and resume using deionized water or purified water as coolant.

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