What factors affect the fiber laser cutting machine?

With the development of the processing and manufacturing market, the demand for optical fiber laser cutting machines has also increased, and various laser cutting machine manufacturers have emerged in an endless stream, and the prices of laser cutting machines are also different from each other. The brand of optical fiber laser cutting machines has exploded, and the market competition tends to be white-hot. Users are also prone to be dazzled when choosing and purchasing, and have no way to start. What factors affect the price of laser cutting machine? Now Redsail Laser will share with you:

1. Production process level leads to different prices

Due to the different market, their production technology level is different in the production process of laser cutting machines, which also leads to the difference in the price of laser cutting machines between different manufacturers, while the domestic ones are much cheaper.

2. The quality of configuration affects the price

The price of laser cutting machine is naturally different with different configurations. The price is determined by the quality of the configuration. Good laser accessories can make the laser cutting machine have good performance, and the application of laser will also reduce the overall power consumption, so low heat and loss and low heat will not damage the substrate.

3. Different models of laser cutting machines affect prices

Before purchasing the laser cutting machine, the material, material, type and type of the product to be cut as well as whether the production method of the required assembly line needs to be met. Different models and materials lead to different prices.

4. Manufacturer service system.

Understand the after-sales service system of fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers, and try to choose well-known fiber laser cutting machine brands, so that after-sales service will be more guaranteed! In addition, the region is also very important, because some brands only have service outlets in the local area, but some brands have outlets in the country, so that after-sales quality can be easily guaranteed.

However, it is suggested that when purchasing laser cutting machines, you should not only consider the price, but also consider the cost performance, equipment quality, equipment stability and after-sales service level. We suggest that users can simply understand the basic knowledge of purchase before selecting laser machine, and then select the laser cutting machine suitable for you with your supplier.

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