Why does the laser cutting of the exchange table improve the production efficiency?

When the metal laser cutting machine was first introduced, it was a single worktable. Later, in order to meet the market demand, many laser cutting machine manufacturers also started to introduce exchange table laser cutting machines and larger worktable laser cutting machines for customers to choose.
The switching table laser cutting machine has two workbenches, which are switched for processing during work. When one workbenches is cutting, the other workbenches can perform blanking and loading at the same time. After the cutting table is processed, the laser cutting machine can continue processing without waiting for blanking and loading, which greatly saves the standby time and improves the working efficiency.
Advantages of switching table laser cutting machine:
1. Loading and unloading at the same time, saving the waiting time for loading and unloading, and improving the processing efficiency.
2. Can be used to process a variety of metals, carbon steel, stainless steel and a series of plates.
3. Efficient CNC system control, faster speed and higher precision.
4. The processed workpiece has small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation and small subsequent processing amount.
5. High automation level, low noise, high efficiency, and help to improve the task of operators.
6. Fast speed, high precision, small light spot, small incision, straight wall, smooth incision, beautiful appearance, no deformation.

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