Daily Archives: 14/03/2023

Solutions to common problems and solutions of laser engraving machine equipment

1、 The depth of laser engraving is different 1: The control card is loose or defective; 2: Stepper motor fault; 3: Driver fault or current subdivision is inconsistent with software settings; 4: z-axis motor line fault; 5: The fixture of spindle motor is loose; 6: The frequency converter is disturbed or the data setting is […]

Model configuration and selection method for different laser engraving machine prices

Laser engraving technology has slowly entered our daily life. When we use laser engraving patterns, we often encounter such a problem: “Why is the actual effect of laser engraving uneven?” 1. The content of marking the corresponding area with offset focus: The method of marking with offset focus must take into account the problem of […]

What is the difference between different laser engraving machines for carving ceramic handicrafts

The ceramic laser engraving machine plays an important role in the current ceramic processing, providing efficient processing solutions for the current ceramic symbol processing. It adopts full digital laser marking and common laser die selection and deep carving skills, which has high stability, high accuracy and convenient operation, enabling more novel symbol processes to be […]

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