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Application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in hardware tool industry

In recent years, the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry has actively combined stainless steel products with environmental protection, energy resources and cultural environment, making the international market increasingly demand for domestic stainless steel hardware products, and making the domestic stainless steel hardware tool processing industry become the main force of the world hardware […]

Can Light Cut Carbon? 80W CO2 laser cutting carbon fibre / fiber

In this test / experiment we will see if a 80W CO2 infra-red laser is able to cut through 3mm thick carbon fibre sheet. For those that were wondering, fibre is the British and Canadian spelling, whereas the rest of the world generally uses fiber. Always ensure proper ventilation and laser rated protective gear when […]

ACCURL Laser Tube Cutting:Pipe Structural Steel Beams Laser Cutting for tubes and Profiles

Everything is automatic, with no machine stops! ACCURL® QL.FCT series tube laser with with automatic loading system offers a full range of material capacities up to 350mm round, with raw material lengths up to 12 meters. Further information: ACCURL® Laser tube cutting is specifically designed for businesses that care about high quality profile & […]

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