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How much is a small laser metal cutting machine?

In fact, the price of small laser metal cutting machines is not fixed, but one thing is certain: the price of ordinary small laser metal cutting machines is definitely not too low. If the product quality is not a problem, most manufacturers usually offer small metal laser cutting machines at a price of over 300000 […]

What does laser cutting function do?

The fiber laser cutting machine is composed of a machine tool, a control console, and a laser generator, and belongs to a large CNC machine tool. Unlike traditional metal processing equipment, fiber laser cutting machines have advantages such as high processing accuracy, fast speed, smooth cuts, safety, environmental protection, pollution-free, and no graphic restrictions, making […]

What materials can a laser cutting machine cut?

Laser cutting machines are suitable for cutting materials: (1) Carbon steel plate cutting: Modern laser cutting systems can cut carbon steel plates with a maximum thickness of approximately 0.1mm, and the cutting seam of thin plates can be narrow to around 0.1mm. The Heat-affected zone of laser cutting low-carbon steel is very small, flat, smooth, […]

What is the reason for the vibration of the laser cutting machine when moving back and forth?

What is the reason for the vibration of the laser cutting machine when moving back and forth? Below is a brief introduction to the reasons for the occurrence: 1. There are obstacles or loose tension wheels on the machine. 2. The polarity setting of the motherboard parameter reset detection is incorrect. 3. Clamp the Timing […]

Perforation Cutting Method of Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser pipe cutting machine, as a thermal cutting technology, cannot avoid using perforation cutting technology when cutting thicker pipes; There are currently two commonly used laser perforation methods. Let’s take a look together: (1) Blasting perforation: The material is irradiated by a continuous laser to form a pit in the center, and then the molten […]

How much is a laser cutting machine?

How much is a laser cutting machine? The price of a laser cutting machine depends on the specific machine properties (laser cutting machine power, workbench, laser head, etc.). There are many domestic laser cutting machines, but they mainly depend on the buyer’s needs, processing product type, thickness, etc. To evaluate the price of laser cutting […]

How to safely use a laser cutting machine?

1) Develop and strictly adhere to equipment operating procedures. 2) Before starting the machine, check the safety facilities of the system, especially the switch of the blinds. 3) Maintain the machine in a timely manner. 1. Fire extinguishing equipment must be equipped on site The laser cutting machine should be equipped with fire extinguishers and […]

What are the key technologies of laser cutting machines?

There are two types of laser cutting techniques: one is pulse laser suitable for metal materials. The second is that continuous laser is suitable for non-metallic materials, which is an important application field of laser cutting technology. The key technologies of laser cutting machines are the comprehensive technology of light, machinery, and electricity. The parameters […]

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