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How thick can laser cutting machines of different powers cut boards?

The laser cutting machine targets metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, silver, copper, titanium, etc. The cutting thickness of different power laser cutting machines for different metal materials is closely related to the cutting material. 1000 watts, 2000 watts… how thick can laser cutting machines of various powers cut? […]

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Fiber laser cutting machines often encounter problems

The laser cutting machine has been warning of insufficient compressed air supply. 1. Laser alarm release: The machine displays Lasersourcemasteralarm, indicating a laser alarm. Click on the laser operation panel Listofalarm to view the alarm letters (1) Compressed air (air alarm) (2) Nomixgas (mixed gas alarm) (3) After replacing the cylinder with LackofN2 (high purity […]

How to use laser cutting equipment correctly?

Correct operation of laser cutting machine: 1. Follow the user manual of the laser cutting machine and strictly follow the above procedure to start the equipment. 2. Personnel operating equipment must undergo training from the laser cutting machine manufacturer before they can take up their positions. 3. When processing materials, necessary protective equipment such as […]

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Detailed explanation of laser cutting machine operation process

Firstly, I saw four arrow direction keys on the panel used to control the direction of laser head movement. Many times, I want the laser head to move to a suitable position, but I don’t know how to move it. The forward button represents the laser head moving upwards; The backward button represents the downward […]

What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines compared to co laser cutting machines?

1. Compare the structure of laser equipment Carbon dioxide gas is the medium that produces laser beams. However, fiber optic lasers are transmitted through diodes and fiber optic cables. The fiber laser system generates a laser beam through multiple diode pumps, which are then transmitted to the laser cutting head through a flexible fiber optic […]

How to use a laser cutting machine to be more stable

Metal laser cutting machines generally do not encounter significant problems during operation. To extend the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance and upkeep, and pay more attention to some details during the operation of the equipment. The following mainly explains from six aspects: 1. Replacement of circulating […]

What materials can fiber laser cutting machines cut

1. Stainless steel: Laser cutting makes it easier to cut stainless steel plates. Adopting a high-power YAG laser cutting system, the maximum thickness of stainless steel can reach 4mm. Our low-power YAG laser cutting system can cut stainless steel with a thickness of up to 4 millimeters. 2. Alloy steel: Most alloy steel can be […]

What brand of laser cutting machine equipment is good?

1. Cutting materials and scope of demand: Firstly, determine the material and thickness of the cutting material, and then determine the required equipment power and workbench size. In the market, the power of laser cutting machines varies, and most manufacturers can produce workbenches according to customer requirements. 2. Preliminary selection of manufacturers: After roughly determining […]

What are the advantages of fiber optic cutting machines and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines?

Fiber optic and CO2 each have their own advantages! If your plate thickness is concentrated at 3mm, you must choose CO2 laser. Firstly, laser cutting and welding equipment is the mainstream traditional equipment. CO2 lasers can stably cut carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys below 8mm. When the fiber optic cutting machine cuts a […]

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