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How to solve the problem of low processing efficiency of laser cutting machine

The cutting equipment widely used in industrial applications is the laser cutting machine, which is also an advanced, fast and safe cutting equipment in the cutting equipment. However, the problem of the efficiency of the laser cutting machine will greatly affect the processing and production efficiency of enterprises, so we have to find ways to […]

How to control the roughness of laser cutting surface?

In the process of laser cutting, there are requirements for the roughness of laser cutting, especially for the workpieces of medium and thick plates. If you do not pay attention during the cutting process, it is likely to cause cutting errors. In general, the roughness of the cutting surface of the laser cutting machine must […]

Application of laser cutting in boiler products

How to ensure the quality of products, reduce labor intensity, labor costs, and improve the labor environment are the needs of modern production. For example, the boiler products of a company are mainly made of sheet parts, which are different in material and shape. For example, in actual production, the wear plate on the waste […]

Comparison between fiber laser and CO2 laser of laser cutting machine

1. Operation requirements and maintenance The optical path of CO2 laser needs to be adjusted before use. The condition of the optical path will directly affect the cutting effect of the workpiece. Therefore, the optical path needs to be adjusted manually and maintained regularly; The thermal lens effect of YAG solid state laser is obvious […]

Can the fiber laser cutting machine work for a long time?

Now metal processing enterprises are more and more interested in laser cutting machines. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting equipment, laser cutting machines have the advantages of high precision and fast cutting. However, when many manufacturers choose to purchase fiber laser cutting machines, they will consider the working time and loss of the machinery and equipment, […]

Cause analysis of uneven marking effect of fiber laser marking machine

1、 Mark a certain range of content with offset focus Because each focusing lens has a corresponding depth of focus range, the method of deviation from the focus will easily lead to the edge being at the critical point of depth of focus or beyond the depth of focus range when marking a pattern in […]

Is it easy to process superalloy with metal laser cutting machine?

Although the metal laser cutting machine has many performance advantages, it is not good for all materials, such as superalloys. It is not easy to use metal laser cutting machine to process superalloy. You will know what to ask in the process of operation. 1. The tendency of work hardening is large. 2. Poor thermal […]

Can laser cutting equipment cut galvanized sheet?

Galvanized steel sheet is a common material used in manufacturing. Galvanized steel sheet is coated with a layer of metal zinc to prevent corrosion on the surface of steel sheet and prolong its service life. It is mainly used for home appliance shells, civil chimneys, kitchen utensils, etc. Is this material suitable for use? Generally, […]

Can laser marking machine engrave characters on metal surface?

In the era of information development, people’s engraving on metal is no longer limited to electric drills, nickel cutters and other tools for engraving, but uses advanced laser marking machines for precision processing. How much do you know about lettering on metal surfaces? The art of sculpture has a long history in China. With the […]

Treatment of dust from laser cutting machine

For the daily use of the laser cutting machine, it is inevitable to produce a certain amount of dust. What should we do with these dust? Here are two methods for dust treatment. 1. Dry treatment (dry cutting) It is to add a set of smoke and dust capture device for the cutting work platform, […]

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