Difference of the size of the field mirror in fiber laser marking

All laser marking machines have field conditions. What is the field condition? What is the difference between the size of the field mirror? Today, Redsail laser will give you a brief introduction.

Field lens: also known as flat field focusing lens, scanning lens, F- θ Mirror. It is mainly used to focus the light from the galvanometer on a plane. When purchasing, pay attention to explain the marking range, and determine it according to your own needs. Don’t blindly ask for large size. The wavelength of the optical fiber marking machine and the semiconductor marking machine is 1064nm, and the field mirrors of the two are generally universal. But sometimes if the original imported scanlab galvanometer is used, its field mirror connecting ring may not be M85 * 1, and the field mirror is generally M85 * 1 thread. At this time, a field mirror conversion connecting ring needs to be used.

The main functions of field mirror are:

1. Improve the ability of edge beam incident to the detector;

2. Make the non-uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector uniform;

3. In the same main optical system, the additional field mirror will reduce the area of the detector; If the same detector area is used, the field of view can be expanded and the incident flux can be increased;

With regard to format, many customers want to buy a large-format field mirror, because they have to consider that their products will be bigger this time, and also think that their products may be bigger next time. Maybe they need a larger format. For long-term benefits, they buy a large-format field mirror. But you have forgotten a problem. The larger the size of the field mirror, the larger the focal length and working distance of the corresponding field mirror. The longer the focal length is, the larger the laser focus will be. The same laser is distributed on a larger spot area, which will inevitably reduce the energy density, resulting in a shallow marking depth.

As you know, the attenuation of laser energy in the air is very serious. That is to say, the larger the focal length of the field mirror, the greater the laser energy loss, the thicker and shallower the lines. Therefore, the size of the selection mirror must be appropriate, and do not blindly seek for large size.

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