Application of optical fiber laser marking machine in kitchen supplies

What are the general applications of optical fiber laser marking machine in kitchen supplies? Today, Redsail Laser will give you a brief introduction.

The current kitchen style can be said to be varied, only you can’t think of it, and you can’t find it. The exquisite and beautiful decoration of kitchen utensils will make people look pleasing and feel happy, which will also have a certain psychological impact on people’s diet, and this is also an essential thing in our life. Therefore, in addition to durability, current manufacturers should also consider whether the product can give people a bright feeling. In order to meet these requirements, many manufacturers have adopted strict overall design in terms of material selection, modeling, and even various information marks to make people feel happy in the process of cooking and tasting delicious food.

In addition to the overall shape of kitchenware, the design of product information marks and brand logos also have a certain impact on the appearance of the product. Information is an important source for people to understand the function, material selection, operation and other aspects of this product, and it is also related to the grade and quality of the product. In the past, we used screen printing, oil printing, or stickers to mark information, which is not only ugly, but also easy to fall off or fade, making the information mark blurred.

This will make people feel that the quality of this product is not good, which will lead to dissatisfaction with other products under this brand. In order to improve the quality and texture of products, many enterprises now start to use laser marking machines to mark the information of products. Laser marking machines use high-density energy to irradiate the surface of products, so that the surface of materials can be gasified to produce chemical reactions and leave marks.

The laser marking machine can mark various patterns, characters, barcodes, QR codes, logos and other information on kitchen utensils, and the marked images and texts are exquisite and clear, indelible and fadeless. Moreover, the use of laser marking machine is efficient, noiseless, one-time finished product, and applicable to a wide range of materials. Not only can metal be marked, but also many non-metallic materials can be marked, which can realize multi-purpose of one machine without secondary input.

The laser marking machine is a combination of technology and technology. The laser marking machine is easy to operate, and can be operated by computer, and the pictures and texts can be converted at will. The non-contact processing method adopted by the laser marking machine will not cause extrusion deformation to the workpiece, and can play a good role in product anti-counterfeiting and traceability, making the product look more high-end.

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