Fiber laser cutting machines often encounter problems

laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine
laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine has been warning of insufficient compressed air supply.

1. Laser alarm release: The machine displays Lasersourcemasteralarm, indicating a laser alarm. Click on the laser operation panel Listofalarm to view the alarm letters

(1) Compressed air (air alarm)

(2) Nomixgas (mixed gas alarm)

(3) After replacing the cylinder with LackofN2 (high purity nitrogen gas alarm), press the reset button to cancel the alarm message, and then press Restart to start pumping. If the laser is not turned on for more than three days, the cavity needs to be cleaned once.

The method is as follows: After reaching the suction pressure, press the serv key, then press the VENTIL key to return the air.

2. Machine alarm release:

(1) Compressed air shortage;

(2) Nitrogen deficiency (nitrogen deficiency);

(3) Hypoxia (insufficient oxygen). After air change, press the machine reset button to resume normal operation.

Laser cutting machine alarm fault: Overtravel alarm refers to the laser cutting machine reaching a very extreme position during operation. If there is an alarm, please follow the following steps to check:

1. Is the laser cutting machine and computer grounded correctly.

2. Does the coordinate value at this time exceed the numerical range limited by the laser cutting machine software.

3. Check if the size of the drawing you designed exceeds the machining range.

4. Check if the connecting wire between the motor shaft and the screw is loose. If loose, tighten the screws.

When the running distance of the laser cutting machine exceeds the set distance, all motion axes of the laser cutting machine are set to the jog state by default. If you keep holding down the manual direction key with your hand, you can always connect to the motion state when the machine leaves the limit position. But when moving the workbench, it is important to pay attention to the direction of movement of the workbench being far from the limit position.

There are two main reasons for the high temperature alarm of the cooling water circulation device of the laser cutting machine: reason one: insufficient cooling capacity of the supporting cold water mechanism. The comparison of cooling effects in winter is not significant, but the ambient temperature increases in summer, making it difficult to effectively control the temperature of cooling equipment. It is recommended to replace the chiller with a larger cooling capacity. I have checked the air compressor, valves, and pipelines, and there is no problem. However, there is still an alarm. You need to ask a professional maintenance technician to check the specific cause of the alarm.

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