High Performance Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (Large) for Metal Sheet Cutting

1) What’s the video about?
The video shows the cutting process of our precision fiber laser cutting machine. It is designed with small working areas. The precision laser cutting machine adopts ball screw driving method in terms of the transmission system. The accuracy of the precision metal laser cutting machine can reach 0.03mm. It also adopts enclosed processing with an enclosed cover outside. It is mainly used to thin metal parts of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

2) Which part of the video do you want to see more?
Rendered appearance -0:04-0:16s
Metal sheet cutting demo -0:17s-0:34s

3) Who are we?

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4) Fiber laser cutting machine products of Blue Elephant

Contact Information:
Email: managerelephant-cnc.com
WhatsApp/mobile : +86 186 6899 1371


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