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[LXSHOW Laser] Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine LX3015P laser for cutting metal

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High Performance Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (Large) for Metal Sheet Cutting

1) What’s the video about? The video shows the cutting process of our precision fiber laser cutting machine. It is designed with small working areas. The precision laser cutting machine adopts ball screw driving method in terms of the transmission system. The accuracy of the precision metal laser cutting machine can reach 0.03mm. It also […]

Procedure for quality inspection and precision test of laser cutting machine before delivery

The CNC laser cutting machine must undergo strict quality inspection and precision test before production, so that the equipment can run for 48 hours without interruption. During the operation period, the cutting data and cutting method of the equipment in operation are changed, the response of the test equipment and the cutting efficiency of the […]

What are the important components of fiber laser cutting machine?

There are different types of fiber laser cutting machines on the market at this stage, but do you really know how to choose a good fiber laser cutting machine? Tell you its components are very important! 1. Fiber laser: It is an important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, which generates the laser beam […]

Relationship between cutting speed of laser cutting machine and material cutting effect

The choice of speed of metal laser cutting machine is very important when cutting materials. If the speed is too slow and the effect is good, it will affect the production. If the speed is high but the quality is sacrificed, it will be a bit more than worth the loss. In fact, the control […]

Precautions for cooling of metal laser cutting machine

Water cooling is the main cooling method of metal laser cutting machine. However, if the cooling water is not properly treated, it will adversely affect the metal laser cutting machine. In summer, the cooling work of metal laser cutting machine is particularly important. When cooling the metal laser cutting machine in summer, pay special attention […]

There are three parts to pay special attention to when purchasing metal laser cutting machine

A valuable accessory of metal laser cutting machine is laser, which usually accounts for half or more of the production cost. The laser of metal laser cutting machine is divided into YAG fiber and semiconductor. Generally, the laser cutting machine used to cut and process metal materials should also have a laser power of about […]

How to choose a laser cutting machine manufacturer with good after-sales service?

In recent years, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in sheet metal, handicraft and other processing industries, whether in the field of metal cutting or non-metal cutting. The technology of laser cutting machine has been quite mature and has a very large market share in the cutting industry, but many users […]

Plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine

Following the progress of science and technology, human beings are also changing their lives step by step. Driven by innovation, society is developing rapidly in a better direction. For industry, mechanical equipment is essential. From the former semi-manual to the present fully automatic, the growth step by step tells the course of development. Although many […]

How to solve the problem of low processing efficiency of laser cutting machine

The cutting equipment widely used in industrial applications is the laser cutting machine, which is also an advanced, fast and safe cutting equipment in the cutting equipment. However, the problem of the efficiency of the laser cutting machine will greatly affect the processing and production efficiency of enterprises, so we have to find ways to […]

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