How to reduce the loss of laser cutting machine?

After a long time of use, the laser cutting machine will inevitably have some loss. Once the loss is too heavy, it will affect the service life and use effect of the equipment parts, which will indirectly lead to the poor cutting quality of the cutting machine equipment. So in the face of this situation, how to effectively reduce its use loss?

Before starting the laser cutting machine, push the beam back and forth by hand, and the trolley moves left and right without abnormal noise, and then it can be powered on. When completing the day’s work, the machine should be carefully cleaned of waste and debris, so that the machine’s motion system can be protected from foreign object operation damage. Clean up its moving parts to keep the machine in good working condition. The specific methods are as follows:

  1. No items can be placed in the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.
  2. Use cotton cloth to clean the dust and foreign objects on the metal tanker, metal shaft, slider and linear guide, add lubricating oil, and perform the reciprocating motion of the empty line.
  3. Put a little lubricating oil on the screws, including the screws on the laser tube support and the reflector, which can facilitate the disassembly and assembly of the laser cutting machine during maintenance.

Note: Do not add lubricating oil to timing belts, drag chains, air pipes, motors, sensors and lenses, and wires.

Therefore, in general, in order to effectively reduce the use loss of the laser cutting machine, we must do a good job in the lubrication and maintenance of each component, which can not only effectively reduce the loss, but also reduce the failure rate and prolong the Its service life.

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