Laser engraved photo on slate using an Ap Lazer 4024 100w Laser.

This photo is laser engraved on slate, if you would like to learn how to laser engrave a photo please reach out to me.

I’m running an Ap Lazer 4024 100w this photo has been processed in photoshop and this one will be a game changer for laser engraving photos on just about any substrate. Tomorrow I will be laser engraving photos on granite with this photo editing process. With this so far I have engraved photos on painted white acrylic, slate, white tile painted black, wood and black enamel coated aluminum with a co2 laser machine.

Stay tuned for new laser engraving videos & tutorials. I will demonstrate my processes such as Da Big Gimping plug-in, photoshop scripts and Corel Paintshop pro scripts. Also I will make a tutorial on how to find the best settings to engrave photos with your co2 laser.

Feel free to join my fb group “The Original Dude With A Lazer”

Visit my TikTok to view my recent photo engraving videos.

Automated photo processing/editing scripts can be found here

If you need any guidance please reach out


laser engraved

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