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eBay K40 CO2 Laser – Gantry Alignment Frustrations Part 1!

In this episode, part 1 of two we will be looking at the potential alignment issues typically found in common eBay / k40 40 watt CO2 … UCugUnAM_QlpYFwVvIjr7WDA co2 laser #eBay #K40 #CO2 #Laser #Gantry #Alignment #Frustrations #Part

Laser Engraving Drift Wood I found on the Beach with a AEON Mira 9 Laser!

Playing around with the settings again on the Mira 9 laser. In this video I show you how to laser engrave some Drift wood. Turned … UCZcWE8-mEAPlPk1wQ0YIvfg laser engraving #Laser #Engraving #Drift #Wood #Beach #AEON #Mira #Laser

How to Laser engrave Pumpkin Pie For New Fall Autumn Thanksgiving ideas

Have fun with me and learn how to laser engrave a pumpkin Pie For real have the best desert for your next Thanks Giving dinner … UCyqcug77eMwHYgZduVRuxDQ laser engraver #Laser #engrave #Pumpkin #Pie #Fall #Autumn #Thanksgiving #ideas

Custom Mavic Pro Paintjob – with laser engraving! – HOWTO

My friend Klaus from Euler Kreativ, my son Jannik and I build a custom mavic pro top, with the help of Klaus’ painting skills and my 15W laser. If you enjoyed the Video let me know! Thanks for watching! Music: ON AND ON by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC […]

How to Engrave a Hydroflask with the xTool D1 Rotary Laser Engraver

One of the things we were most excited about when Makeblock provided us the xTool D1 was the rotary engraver. We love to create custom drinkware, and the ability to engrave tumblers and more was super attractive. For our first rotary engraving project with the xTool D1, we wanted to try to engrave Hydroflask water […]

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro – Laser Engraver Review

This week I have another laser engraver from Ortur to show you. This is their laser master 2 pro. In this video I show you assembly and all the features it has plus some upgrades that can be made. Get your own Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Ortur.net: https://s.zbanx.com/r/Yw2U2dzUY1fb Coupon Code ORTURPRO Aliexpress: https://s.zbanx.com/r/ZL479EcIKB21 Don’t […]

How to DIY With Upgraded Ortur Laser Master 2? Laser Engraving Test For Different Material

Upgraded Ortur Laser Master 2 is coming! Carving deeper on LARGER AREA! Fast Speed! High Precision Laser Engraver! For more applicable materials! How does it work? Let us show you! Gearbest’s 7th Birthday Party Crazy Sale► https://bit.ly/3cMQPhU Grad $0.01 Deals Daily! ►Buy 15W #ORTUR Laser Master 2 http://gbe.st/302xZc4 ►Buy 20W ORTUR Laser Master 2 http://gbe.st/302xZcx […]

Co2 Laser engraver Double line troubleshooting

Co2 Laser engraver Double line troubleshooting. We are new to CO2 Lasers and we wanted to share our first issue with our Monport. on our third project we found that the laser started having a double line on the project. Please check out the process we took to solve this issue. If you are interested […]

Under $140 Best Ortur Laser Engraving Test: What Can Carve and Cut For Different Version?

What have you carved with an engraving machine? Can you imagine carving on food with Ortur Laser Master? We did more speed tests in this video! ORTUR Laser Master 2 15W → https://bit.ly/34HxMDp 37% OFF $209.99!!! Buy Here(Product Link):https://bit.ly/34GMOFP (15w Version) 20W Version: https://bit.ly/325WYjv 7W Version:https://bit.ly/2Q2nZ1w 20W ORTUE Laser Master 2: https://bit.ly/30ae8vx 15W ORTUR Laser […]

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