Protection of small metal laser cutting machine

First, check the straps regularly to ensure that they are tight. Otherwise, problems may occur in the operation. People may be injured. It can also lead to serious death.
Secondly, check the straightness of the track and the perpendicularity of the machine every six months. In case of any abnormality, maintenance and commissioning shall be carried out in time.
Third, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust inside the vacuum cleaner once a week. The electrical cabinet shall be sealed and strictly dedusted.
Fourth, the slideway should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other debris, so as to ensure that the equipment on the rack should be cleaned regularly. Add lubricant to ensure lubrication without debris. Clean and lubricate the slideway frequently. The motor must also be cleaned and lubricated frequently. The machine can move better when moving. The cutting is more accurate, and the quality of cutting products is improved.
Fifth, the double focus laser cutting head is a vulnerable item of the laser cutting machine, which is used for a long time. The laser cutting head will be damaged.
Sixth, the laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance.
If the laser cutting head is known to be damaged, it must be replaced. Without replacement, the cutting quality will be affected and the cost will be increased. Moreover, some products may undergo secondary processing. It reduces productivity. Check carefully when purchasing to avoid problems when using.

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