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Laser Engraving Machine | Small investment High Profit Business | Laser Cutting Business in Pakistan

This video covers laser cutting machine wood and plastics. CNC laser cutting machine can be used for various purpose like making lasr cutting card for wedding, laser cutting for key chains , laser cutting for acrylic board, laser cutting for making monograms, laser cutting machine for making wall clock. This simple cnc cutting machine doesnt […]

Protection of small metal laser cutting machine

First, check the straps regularly to ensure that they are tight. Otherwise, problems may occur in the operation. People may be injured. It can also lead to serious death. Secondly, check the straightness of the track and the perpendicularity of the machine every six months. In case of any abnormality, maintenance and commissioning shall be […]

How to prevent laser cutting machine from freezing

1、 Basic principles and methods of antifreeze All liquids have“ Freezing point”, When the liquid temperature is lower than this“ Freezing point” When the temperature is high, it will solidify to form a solid, while the volume of deionized water or purified water will become larger during the solidification process, which will“ Broken” The pipes […]

Influence of laser cutting machine speed on cutting effect

Many customers will ask how many meters your laser cutting machine can cut in one minute when consulting the laser cutting machine? Indeed, as a highly efficient equipment, the cutting speed of laser cutting machine is naturally the focus of customers’ concern. But is it possible that the faster the laser cutting machine cuts the […]

Tips for prolonging the service life of laser cutting machine

The price of laser cutting machine is not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, it is very important to prolong the service life of the laser cutting machine as much as possible to save production costs. So how to prolong the service life of laser cutting machine? First of all, when the […]

How much is the price of a stainless steel laser cutting machine

To buy a stainless steel laser cutting machine that can cut all kinds of metal materials, whether the price is expensive or not is not the primary consideration, but whether it can help enterprises solve production problems, reduce production costs and obtain more benefits. But the price of stainless steel laser cutting machine is also […]

Importance of stabilized voltage power supply to laser cutting machine

A complete laser cutting machine is composed of several sets of auxiliary equipment, and the regulated power supply is one of them. So, what role does the regulated power supply play in the laser cutting machine? The stabilized voltage power supply is the cooperation between the laser, numerical control machine tool and the power supply […]

Influence of focus position adjustment on laser cutting quality

Because the laser power density has a great influence on the cutting speed, the selection of lens focal length is an important issue. After the laser beam is focused, the spot size is proportional to the focal length of the lens. After the beam is focused by the short focal length lens, the spot size […]

Most Power Cnc Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine | xTool D1 Pro 20W Laser Engraver | 20W DIODE LASER

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