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Two Trees TS2 Laser Engraver and Cutter with Z-Axis Auto Focus | Unboxing, Setup & My Experience

Two Trees TS 2 Features: 10W Laser Power – Advanced LD+FAC+C-lens technology enables the spot reach up to 0.08 mm, and get much cleaner, thinner, smoother, deeper cuts. Autofocus laser, no need of manual adjustment. One off cutting of 8mm Plywood, able to cut off 18mm acrylic plate (black) and plywood by several times. Two […]

Amazing laser marking machine, fiber laser engraving. With fiber laser engraving settings

To get the best fiber laser engraving settings, visit: https://barchlaser.com/laser-engraving-settings/ Laser engraving machine for high speed engraving of metals, wood, plastics, glass, and much more. for more information contact us at https://barchlaser.com/ UC7YeJuYLFpytncFnSoV9fZw laser marking #Amazing #laser #marking #machine #fiber #laser #engraving #fiber #laser #engraving #settings

Let's make a stamp with the Wattsan CO2 laser machine!

In this video we tried to show how to make a stamp with the Wattsan CO2 laser machine. If this video was helpful and you want more, don’t forget to follow us and like our videos. 📌 Production of stamp on a Wattsan laser machine ✔️Let’s start by preparing the model. ✔️For this, you can […]

In the Cut – Laser Engraved Leather Baseball

On this episode of In the Cut, we engrave the Area 51 baseball team logo on a leather baseball! Seems appropriate, don’t you agree? UCEq3boI3lBW0A34xm7yt4RA laser engraved #Cut #Laser #Engraved #Leather #Baseball

Improve Engraving Quality (Correct Scan Offset) on CNC Co2 Laser RD Works/LightBurn Software Config

“When laser scans the graphics in two-way maybe cause the edge of the scanned graphics uneven due to the relationship between the machine belt tensions. Therefore, increase backlash to correct it. It has the specific backlash for the certain speed. Generally, the faster the speed, the greater the backlash.” (Ref: RD Works User Manual) – […]