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Analysis of annealing process of laser cutting machine

When purchasing laser cutting, we pay more attention to the configuration of laser cutting machine. When selecting a good laser, we should also pay attention to the selection of machine tools. A good machine tool plays an important role in cutting accuracy and stability. Therefore, the manufacturing process of the machine tool plays an important […]

How to maintain the optical lens of the laser cutting machine?

As we all know, one of the most important components of fiber laser cutting machine is the characteristic laser cutting head with high precision and high price. Although the life of the laser cutting head does not affect the working efficiency of the cutting machine, it affects the production cost and factory income. In addition, […]

How to ensure the safe operation of the laser cutting machine?

1. Please observe the general operating specifications of the optical fiber laser cutting machine. Start the laser according to the start-up procedure of the operating specification. 2. Operators must be trained. Familiar with equipment structure, performance and operating system knowledge of optical fiber laser cutting machine. 3. Wear protective equipment and laser protective glasses as […]

Advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

With the growth of stainless steel pipe production and consumption in China, pipe processing technology has developed rapidly. As a special laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine is mainly used for laser cutting of metal tubes. What are the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine? It mainly includes the following two points: 1. Flexibility […]

Methods to ensure the cutting effect of laser cutting machine

The traditional cutting technology has been unable to meet the growing demand for industrial processing. Therefore, the birth of laser cutting machine has injected a new vitality into the field of industrial production. With its outstanding advantages, laser cutting machine has replaced the traditional cutting equipment and become the preferred cutting machine for modern industrial […]

Under what environmental conditions can the laser cutting machine be used to better play its performance

When using laser cutting machine to cut workpieces, we often ignore the influence of environmental factors on the performance of laser cutting machine. Suitable environment will improve the working efficiency and processing accuracy of laser cutting machine, while unsuitable environment will reduce these processing advantages. It will even reduce the service life of the laser […]

What are the main categories of laser cutting machines

At present, laser cutting machines are divided into several categories due to their different purposes and structures. Then enterprises should have a deep understanding of the classification of laser cutting machines when purchasing laser cutting machines. Now let’s analyze it together. The principle of the laser cutting machine: after the laser is generated, four lenses […]

Operation specification of laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine is an important equipment for sheet metal processing, and the correct use of the laser cutting machine is also an important prerequisite to improve its service life. Therefore, after we purchase the machine, we must master the standard and normative machine operation process and methods, so as to reduce the failure […]

Installation method and precautions of laser cutting machine focusing lens

After a long time of use, the focusing lens of the laser cutting machine will suffer from film drop, dent, scratch and other phenomena, which will greatly reduce the function of the laser equipment. If you want to play the role of the laser cutting machine normally, you need to replace new lenses in time. […]

Which components are the laser cutting machine composed of

The application of laser cutting machine has promoted the rapid development of sheet metal processing. Its advantages such as high processing precision, fast cutting speed and flexible processing have eliminated the traditional sheet metal processing mode. What kind of magic equipment is the laser cutting machine? Now Wuhan High Energy Laser will introduce what parts […]

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