The lens of metal laser cutting machine is always atomized, which is caused by compressed air

Recently, some users who do laser cutting reported that the lens of the laser cutting machine is seriously atomized, which greatly affects the cutting quality. In view of the large number of domestic laser cutting users, it is necessary to popularize the quality of compressed air in laser cutting. The lens of laser cutting machine is always atomized, which is caused by compressed air. First, let’s understand the process of laser cutting:

After the laser passes through the lens, it is gathered at a point to form a tiny light spot. Through precise distance control, the light spot is guaranteed to be stable at a certain position on the material. Due to the convergence of the lens, a very large amount of laser energy is gathered at the spot, and the material melts instantly. At this time, compressed air is blown out through the air pipe to blow the molten liquid away to complete the cutting process. In the cutting process, compressed air is mainly used as driving force to remove molten metal liquid from the material itself, which can achieve the effect of smooth cutting surface, no burr and no slag.

Quality requirements of compressed air in laser cutting:

Compressed air is widely used in laser cutting production. The pneumatic components of the laser and machine tool use compressed air as the power source, and the laser lens and cutting lens are cooled and cleaned by compressed air at any time. At the same time, the protective cover of the laser external optical path is also filled with compressed air to prevent dirt from entering. However, compressed air contains a large amount of water and impurities. If it is used directly without purification treatment, it will be very harmful. Here, the water hazard is mainly introduced. The air tube used for air blowing is very close to the focusing lens. If there is water, it is easy to splash onto the focusing lens when the air is injected through the air outlet. The focus lens has temperature at work. It will condense and astigmatism when it meets with water, resulting in insufficient laser focusing intensity and accuracy, and seriously affecting the cutting quality. Over time, the focus lens is easy to break. Therefore, it is necessary to configure compressed air dryers to remove water, but not all dryers can ensure the dryness requirements of laser cutting gas.

At present, there are two main dryer equipment on the market:

Refrigerated dryer

Due to technical limitations, refrigerated dryers are generally used in places with low requirements for compressed air. Because the low pressure dew point of the cold dryer can only reach 3 ° C, it can not meet the requirement of the dryness of the gas for laser cutting. According to the industry standard of laser cutting, it is necessary to reach – 40 ° C to avoid moisture hazard.

adsorption type dryer

If there is no liquid water at the outlet of compressed air, only adsorption dryer can be selected. The pressure dew point of the core adsorption dryer can reach – 40 ° C and – 80 ° C continuously and stably, which can meet the gas demand of laser cutting processing.

In consideration of ensuring equipment stability and cutting quality, it is generally recommended to configure adsorption dryer. The core adsorption dryer is a cost-effective choice. Its stable and reliable performance and small volume are very suitable for precision operations. It can completely solve the problem of compressed air moisture, reduce production costs and improve processing technology.

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