Pay attention to these four misunderstandings in the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

When it comes to the maintenance of laser cutting machine equipment, everyone will know how to do it. Generally, it is to wipe the dust and clean the slag. But have you noticed whether your maintenance method is correct? Because many consumers do not know this knowledge, they will unconsciously enter the maintenance error zone of the laser cutting machine, which will not only result in bad results, but also cause damage to the laser cutting machine and other situations. The following is about the improper maintenance of the four major laser cutting machines, which must be noted!

1. Due to the processing needs of many manufacturers, the industrial control system needs a long time to work, which will bring a large load to the laser cutting machine. In particular, the temperature of the metal laser cutting machine will increase after a long time of use, which will not be conducive to the long-term use of the parts. If it is not cooled in time, it will easily lead to aging and hard disk failure.

2. As we all know, the industrial control computer of the laser cutting machine is composed of integrated circuits of many electronic components, so the insulation setting of electronic components will have a great relationship with humidity, so high humidity will cause short circuit and burning of the circuit board; However, it is easy to generate static electricity when the humidity is too low, so we should pay special attention to it when controlling humidity.

3. Regularly remove the dust at each part of the laser cutting machine, and not only the dust at a certain part. If these dust are not removed in time and used for a long time, the service life of the machine will be reduced.

4. During the production of the machinery manufacturing plant, due to the physical displacement actions such as drag and vibration, it will produce extremely strong noise, and the vibration caused by the operation of the equipment will cause strong damage to the disk, optical drive and floppy drive of the industrial computer. Therefore, the stability of the laser cutting machine should be checked regularly to ensure that the equipment is stable and will not move.

These are the four major misunderstandings of laser cutting machine maintenance, and we should pay special attention to them.