There are three parts to pay special attention to when purchasing metal laser cutting machine

A valuable accessory of metal laser cutting machine is laser, which usually accounts for half or more of the production cost. The laser of metal laser cutting machine is divided into YAG fiber and semiconductor. Generally, the laser cutting machine used to cut and process metal materials should also have a laser power of about 500W. If it is used to cut thicker metal materials, the laser selection should also reach the 1000W level. Generally, imported lasers, especially continuous lasers, are very good for cutting. When purchasing a laser cutting machine, there are three parts that need attention.

1. Software system

The software system is provided by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, and some large companies will have professional technical departments to develop and update the CUT software. Its advantages are self-evident. It is better compatible with the hardware, and it can match together to make the function more perfect.

2. Optical instruments

In terms of optical equipment, wavelength, semi-reflecting mirror, all-reflecting mirror and refracting mirror, so you can choose professional laser cutting head.

3. Consumable parts

Among all accessories, the laser is absolutely the importance of No.1. The core of a laser cutting machine is also in the laser. Secondly, there are occasional light isolators, xenon lamps, mechanical consoles, and some water-cooling equipment.

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