What are the application ranges of metal laser cutting machines?

With the continuous development of laser technology, metal laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional cutting methods with its high precision, high speed and high efficiency processing characteristics of flexibility and flexibility. At present, laser cutting is gradually popularized in major domestic metal processing industries, which is also a technological revolution in sheet metal processing. The birth of high-power and ultra-high power laser cutting machines also helps sheet metal processing enter the “high-speed rail era”. What can the metal laser cutting machine be used in? Just look at the following.
1. Kitchenware industry
The laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting thin metal plates, and the cutting is smooth and burr free. It can also realize customized and personalized product development, effectively avoiding the problems of low efficiency of traditional processing methods and headlamp consumption of molds. It is recognized by kitchen appliance manufacturers.
2. Automobile industry
Laser cutting machine technology is also needed in many parts of the automobile industry, such as the front cover, sheet metal, brake pad, etc. In order to improve the beauty and safety of automobiles, cutting accuracy must be guaranteed. The traditional processing method is inefficient, and the precision is difficult to guarantee. The metal laser cutting can be processed in batches quickly, with high precision, fast efficiency, smooth and burr free section. These are the reasons why the laser cutting machine is widely used in the automobile industry.
3. Fitness equipment industry
The fitness equipment industry has put forward higher requirements for the diversity of laser cutting, with a variety of specifications and shapes, which highlights the complexity and low efficiency of traditional processing. The plate tube integrated laser cutting machine can customize flexible processing of different pipes and plates, which greatly promotes the development of the fitness industry.
4. Advertising metal word industry
The metal advertising characters in the advertising industry have relatively high requirements for the processing accuracy of fonts. The traditional processing method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the probability of rework is quite high. For the advertising industry, Ourui Laser launched the S series high-precision laser cutting machine, which is small in size and has high processing accuracy. Cutting materials does not require secondary rework, greatly improving the work efficiency and saving enterprise costs.
5. Chassis and cabinet industry
The power distribution cabinets and file cabinets we see in our life are all products of sheet metal standardization production. Manufacturers have high requirements for efficiency and efficiency. The 1000W-3000W laser cutting machine can also achieve bright cutting while ensuring efficiency. For specific plates, double-layer cutting can also be achieved. It saves more production costs for the chassis and cabinet manufacturing industry.
6. Construction machinery industry
With the continuous development of society, the types of construction machinery tend to be diversified and specialized, and it is often necessary to cut a large number of round holes, square holes and special-shaped holes on plates of various thicknesses. The laser cutting machine can not only pierce quickly, but its advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and digital control technology greatly reduce the production cost of mechanical equipment, and also improve the economic efficiency.
7. Shipbuilding industry
In the field of shipbuilding, under the high requirements for cutting materials, the flame cutting and plasma cutting previously used by traditional processing plants have failed to meet the requirements and often require secondary rework. However, the cutting quality and the perpendicularity of the cut surface of the high-power laser cutting machine are better than those of the traditional process, and the cut surface is free of slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, and no secondary processing is required. Many large shipyards have widely used high-power laser cutting machines.

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