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Laser Cutting Machine For Tailoring Shop

Fashion Dot Young Laser – For More Details Please call us at ( 844-863-863-9) Cutting huge quantities of fabrics is made possible with Fashion Dot Laser cutting Software. This software gives fine and quality cuts which seals the edges after cutting. You just need to feed the software with the measurement. The Laser cutting software […]

CO2 Laser Cutter Etching Photo / Image on Glass

Laser etching glass is quick and easy with a Boss Laser cutter. See the spec’s along with the price of the BOSS LS-2440. We are etching this glass with a 150 watt laser power and getting impressive resolution! https://bosslaser.com/boss-ls-2436.html We are also using PhotoGrav software which is one of our favorite tool if you plan […]

Guide to High Anti material Cutting Technique of Wanwa Laser Cutting Machine

With the growing development of transportation industry, aluminum alloy and other high anti reflective materials are used more and more. From high-speed railway carriages to ships, from civilian to military, the amount of high anti reflective materials is increasing. Therefore, how to achieve fast and stable cutting of high anti reflective materials is one of […]

Slag hanging, stripe and burr | Cutting solution of high (large) power laser cutting machine

The cutting technology of high-power laser cutting machine is still in the primary stage of popularization, and some operators are not very skilled in high-power laser cutting. When you use a high-power laser cutting machine to cut plates, you should first check and find out the following reasons: 【1】 All lenses in the laser head […]

How thick can the laser cutter cut?

Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic laser cutting machine industry, the gap in the high power laser cutting machine market has been gradually made up, making the domestic high power models no longer rely on imports. Some manufacturers with earlier development have even introduced 30000W ultra-high power models, and the […]

What is laser cutting overburn?

What is overburn? The metal laser cutting machine will generate a lot of heat when processing the plates. Under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will diffuse to the processed plates along the cutting seam for full cooling. In the process of metal laser cutting machine, the outer side of the hole can be […]

What are the application ranges of metal laser cutting machines?

With the continuous development of laser technology, metal laser cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional cutting methods with its high precision, high speed and high efficiency processing characteristics of flexibility and flexibility. At present, laser cutting is gradually popularized in major domestic metal processing industries, which is also a technological revolution in sheet metal […]

How long can the laser cutting machine process to recover the cost

Under normal circumstances, when customers purchase laser cutting machines, they will consider how long the laser cutting machine can recover the cost and the profit of the laser cutting machine in a day. They are good at the relative speed and cutting ability of high-power laser cutting machines. This is also a key issue for […]

Water change process of laser water cooler

Correct steps for changing water in laser chiller 1. Unscrew the drain port and open the water injection port for ventilation, and drain the circulating water in the laser chiller. 2. Clean water such as purified water and distilled water shall be used as the circulating water of the laser chiller. 3. Add clean circulating […]

Principle Analysis of Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine has been applied to all walks of life, so what is the principle of laser cutting machine? The following will give you an answer. In fact, laser is also a kind of light. Like other light in nature, it is generated by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions) and is caused […]

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