What are the important components of fiber laser cutting machine?

There are different types of fiber laser cutting machines on the market at this stage, but do you really know how to choose a good fiber laser cutting machine? Tell you its components are very important!

1. Fiber laser: It is an important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, which generates the laser beam energy to cut materials.

2. Cutting head: the cutting head also includes focusing lens, lens, sensor, nozzle and other components. The laser beam is irradiated to the material surface through the cutting head for processing.

3. Machine tool workbench: machine tool part of fiber laser cutting machine, including cutting workbench. It is used to place the cut material and move it correctly and accurately according to the control program, usually driven by servo motor.

4. Servo motor: the servo motor can control the cutting speed and position accuracy, and the rotor speed of the servo motor is controlled by the input signal.

5. Linear guide rail: the function of linear guide rail movement is to support and guide moving parts to make reciprocating linear movement in the given direction.

6. Water chiller: The function of the water chiller is to cool the fiber laser and prevent the lens from being deformed or cracked due to high temperature.

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