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Laser Cutting Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Carbon Tube and Long Products

Our laser cutting machines will cut tube, channel or structural shapes to length while also adding holes or complex cutout designs in a single step. Capabilities include tilt head cutting, weld seam detection, tube twist and bow correction, and clean tube technology. Not sure what you need? Our team of experts can work with you […]

UltraPulse ® With SCAARFX – The Most Advanced CO2 Laser System | Lumenis

To learn more about UltraPulse, visit: https://lumenis.com/aesthetics/products/ultrapulse/ Learn more about UltraPulse’s unique SCAAR FX mode which enables treatment of a variety of severe skin lesions that require synergistic coagulation and ablation for advanced resurfacing. Conspicuous, complex and deep skin lesions, such as surgical and acne scars, can be treated like never before with minimal side […]

Laser Engraving on CR-10S

Procedures on how to setup and install a laser engraver on your Cr-10s Pro You can get yours from http://mechestore.com if you have any questions us at infomechsolutions.com Please make sure you follow the safety procedures before beginning your 3D laser printing. In effort to ensure safety please DO NOT begin printing until you have […]

Acrylic Laser Cutting – For Advertising Technology, Signs and Displays

Flame-polished cutting edges without additional post-processing of materials: Acrylic is ideal for laser processing projects such as illuminated advertisements, signage, point of sales displays and more. For more details on acrylic processing check out our website: https://troteclaser.com/en/applications/acrylic-plexiglass/ UCd2oyfBKBhjOOPt1PXy7MTQ laser cutting for #Acrylic #Laser #Cutting #Advertising #Technology #Signs #Displays

Laser Engraving vs Rotary | Brass Engraving | Trotec

We did an experiment. We wanted to see exactly how different a rotary machine went up against the Speedy 300 flexx laser. So we tested both units on the same brass plated name tag. Can you spot the difference? Nous avons fait une expérience. Nous voulions voir exactement quelle différence une machine rotative par rapport […]

A3 Pro 5500mW 300 x 380mm DIY Laser Engraver Build,Test and Review!

Lasers are very cool and they can be very useful tool. In this video we will unbox, assembly, test and review this very powerful 5500mW laser engraver. This laser engraver is very powerful and it can easily engrave text, images and graphic in wood, plastic, leather… On the highest output settings it can even cut […]

My Guest Maker Sophia Demonstrates Laser Engraving with Gold Leaf

This episode is really something different! I have a guest maker, Sophia, who shows us how to combine laser engraving and gold leaf to get some really spectacular results. I took a class on gold leaf from Sophia at my local makerspace, and she was kind enough to work with me to put her tutorial […]

Introducing Fiber Laser Marking Machine for PVC Products and PVC Cards

Are you interested in engraving products ? If yes, you have hit the right youtube channel. Check out this video about the fiber laser marking machine for PVC products and PVC cards by HeatSign. In this video, you will watch how fiber laser marking machines work and make engraving permanently on PVC products and PVC […]

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