Guide to High Anti material Cutting Technique of Wanwa Laser Cutting Machine

With the growing development of transportation industry, aluminum alloy and other high anti reflective materials are used more and more. From high-speed railway carriages to ships, from civilian to military, the amount of high anti reflective materials is increasing. Therefore, how to achieve fast and stable cutting of high anti reflective materials is one of the problems faced by all laser cutting machine manufacturers.
How does Wanwa laser cutting machine cut high reflective materials?
1. Judge whether the material has high reflectivity and high reflectivity, and make preparation before processing.
The better the conductivity of the material, the higher the reflectivity
(Conductivity: red copper>stainless steel, red copper high reflective material);
The roughness of the material surface is smaller, the brighter, and the reflectivity is higher
(Luminance: mirror stainless steel>frosted stainless steel, mirror stainless steel with high reflection);
2. High anti material cutting, auxiliary gas selection:
High anti material
Cutting gas
Red copper
Hyperbaric oxygen
Bright aluminum
Bright stainless steel
Bright galvanized sheet
3. High reflective material cutting skills: ensure that the material is completely cut through, which is conducive to reducing the back reflection; The laser high reflection alarm during cutting indicates that the material is not completely cut through, and the cutting speed should be reduced; It is recommended to cut the high anti reflective material alternately with conventional iron plate and stainless steel during the processing, which is conducive to more stable processing and longer service life of the laser.
*The cutting of red copper must be conducted with high-pressure oxygen under the guidance of professional engineers, otherwise the laser damage will not be warranted.

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