Slag hanging, stripe and burr | Cutting solution of high (large) power laser cutting machine

The cutting technology of high-power laser cutting machine is still in the primary stage of popularization, and some operators are not very skilled in high-power laser cutting. When you use a high-power laser cutting machine to cut plates, you should first check and find out the following reasons:
【1】 All lenses in the laser head are clean and free of contamination. If the lens is dirty, please poke [here]
【2】 The water temperature in the water tank is normal, and the laser is free of condensation
【3】 The cutting gas has excellent purity, smooth gas path and no air leakage
Problem 1: Cutting with stripes
Possible causes:
1. The nozzle type is incorrect and the nozzle is too large;
2. The air pressure is not set correctly, and excessive air pressure will cause excessive burning and streaking;
3. The cutting speed is not correct. If the cutting speed is too slow or too fast, it will also cause full overburn.
1. Replace the nozzle, replace the nozzle with small diameter, such as 16mm carbon steel bright surface cutting, and select high-speed nozzle D1.4; High speed nozzle D1.6 can be selected for 20mm carbon steel bright surface;
2. Reduce the cutting air pressure and improve the end face cutting quality;
3. Adjust the cutting speed, and the power and cutting speed can be matched appropriately to achieve the effect shown in the right figure below.
Problem 2: There is slag on the bottom
Possible causes:
1. The nozzle is too small, and the cutting focus does not match;
2. The air pressure is too small or too large, and the cutting speed is too fast;
3. The plate material is poor, the plate quality is poor, and it is difficult to remove the slag with small nozzles.
terms of settlement:
1. Replace the large diameter nozzle and adjust the focusing point to the proper position;
2. Increase or decrease the air pressure until the air flow is appropriate;
3. Select good plates.
Problem 3: Burrs on the bottom
Possible causes:
1. The nozzle diameter is too small to meet the processing requirements;
2. The negative defocusing does not match, so the negative defocusing should be increased and the appropriate position should be adjusted;
3. The air pressure is too small, causing burrs at the bottom, which can not be fully cut.
terms of settlement:
1. Large diameter nozzle is selected to increase air flow;
2. Add negative defocusing to make the cutting section reach the bottom;
3. Increase the air pressure to reduce the burr at the bottom.

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