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How to select the manufacturer of laser cutting machine

With the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in the field of metal processing. All major manufacturers have launched metal laser cutting machines to seize the huge market of metal cutting. Each processing station has more choices, but also faces more […]

How to select laser cutting machine?

There are many manufacturers of laser cutting machines on the market. Faced with numerous choices, how do we choose high-quality and appropriate laser cutting machines? You’d better spend two minutes studying with us! How to select laser cutting machine? Laser cutting machine is divided into two categories, one is metal laser cutting machine, the other […]

How to Select Cutting Machine for Cold Rolled Metal Sheet

First of all, let’s get to know the cold rolled sheet. Cold rolled sheet is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet, commonly known as cold rolled sheet. It is a hot-rolled steel strip of ordinary carbon structural steel, which is further cold-rolled into a steel plate with a thickness of less […]

Analysis of the layout trend of laser cutting machines in China

With the development of technology, my country has introduced advanced equipment such as laser processing from abroad in recent years. The laser processing industry is developing rapidly in China. The high-tech term of laser is no longer unfamiliar and invisible. Now most of the traditional The processing industry is reforming and renewing, joining the queue […]

What brand is good for laser cutting machine equipment?

What brand does the laser cutting machine choose? This is particularly important. You can check whether the manufacturer’s relevant qualification certificates are complete, industry experience, reputation, etc. The most important thing is to go to the scene to watch the laser cutting machine made by the laser cutting machine manufacturer, so as to be more […]

How to identify the manufacturer of laser cutting equipment?

Which is the best laser cutting equipment? What kind of manufacturers are suitable for cooperation? How to identify whether the manufacturer is worthy of cooperation? First of all, the manufacturer needs to have a perfect after-sales service system, because the laser cutting machine is a device with a long service life, and every device needs […]

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