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UV Printer, Vinyl Cutters, Heat Press, Laser Cutting Machine | ARC Sign Machines | Exhibition Video

UVPrinter #VinylCutters #Heatpressmachine #Lasercuttingmachine #Arcsignmachines #3in1cuttingplotter This video has lots of … UCOy8iaDfqT8wljXocnMvO7g laser cutting machine #Printer #Vinyl #Cutters #Heat #Press #Laser #Cutting #Machine #ARC #Sign #Machines #Exhibition #Video

DIY Jigsaw Puzzle | Laser Cut Acrylic Puzzle | Trotec

This week we’re UV Printing and Laser Cutting a Jigsaw Puzzle! See how quick it is to create beautiful custom jigsaw puzzles by combining these 2 technologies together. We use our TroGlass Clear 6mm Cast Acrylic on the Mutoh ValueJet 426UF and the Speedy 360 CO2 laser cutting machine. TroGlass Clear is high quality premium […]

UV Printed Acrylic | Laser Cutting with Reg Marks | JobControl Vision

This week we arebining two technologies together. The Mutoh ValueJet 426 UV printer and the Speedy 360 laser cutting machine. We print registration marks on our image with the UV printer, and our JobControl Vision camera system recognizes the image on the laser and knows exactly where to cut. Want to buy TroGlass Clear cast […]

Laser Cutter in School | Anatomy Project | School Project Ideas

This week Justin, a co-op student from John Fraser Secondary School in Mississauga, ON created an amazing anatomy school project using the Trotec Speedy 360 laser engraver, the SP2000 laser cutter, a MakerBot 3D printer and the Mimaki UV printer. He first photographed his hand, which he UV printed onto a piece of acrylic with […]

Laser Cut Packaging | Create your own packaging | Laser cut paper

This week we’re using our Trotec LaserPaper to create some packaging options and applications that you can make on your laser machine. Whether you’re a signmaker, acrylic processor, promotionalpany, woodworker, metal marker, textile fabricator or any type of business out there using laser technology – packaging your products is essential for sales. We use our […]

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