Daily Archives: 24/01/2023

laser engraved medallions

do you mark your projects? I recently started using laser engraved medallions to mark my work especially on frames like this. #laserengraving #woodworking #woodworker #woodshop #craftmanship UCBtSBwH7mmPI5S3BEjV3hIA laser engraved #laser #engraved #medallions

Laser engraving Machine | How to cut a Christmas card (use Kraft paper)Bachin 1720/4050P

Hi friends ,this video is for how to make a Christmas card (greeting card or birthday card). It is very easy ! Need the kraft paper and the Bachin laser engraving machine ,the type choose D8-1720 or D8-4050P, the laser power is 2500mW .You can try a variety of paper that you like. Step 1:Find […]

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