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Custom Mavic Pro Paintjob – with laser engraving! – HOWTO

My friend Klaus from Euler Kreativ, my son Jannik and I build a custom mavic pro top, with the help of Klaus’ painting skills and my 15W laser. If you enjoyed the Video let me know! Thanks for watching! Music: ON AND ON by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC […]

FreeCAD Laser cutting 50mm Box #freecad #lasercuttingmachine #laser #makers

Using FreeCAD to create a finger joint box used in a Monport laser cutting machine. You can get a 6% discount on this Monport laser by going to this URL: Monport 40W Lightburn-ready (8" X 12") CO2 Laser Engraver & Cutter with FDA Approval use the discount code: Adventures6 Join this channel to get access […]

Let's make a stamp with the Wattsan CO2 laser machine!

In this video we tried to show how to make a stamp with the Wattsan CO2 laser machine. If this video was helpful and you want more, don’t forget to follow us and like our videos. 📌 Production of stamp on a Wattsan laser machine ✔️Let’s start by preparing the model. ✔️For this, you can […]

LCG 3015 CO2 Laser Cutting System

LCG 3015 information: http://amada.com/america/LCG-3015 The LCG was developed after listening to the voice of our customers who wanted a low-cost laser machine to meet their budget, but refused to compromise on cut quality, machine accuracy, and overall expandability. AMADA took these requests and achieved a machine that has a lower capital investment with a cutting […]

K40 eBay Chinese CO2 Laser – Electrical Warning This Can Kill You!

Please visit http://DIY3DTech.com for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode we will be looking at the electrical risks of a K40 eBay Chinese CO2 Laser. In full disclosure I am not an electrical expert and what I show should NOT be tried at home. The idea for doing this […]

DIY Holographic Jewelry = Laser engraver + old CD + scrap wood

Facebook: https://facebook.com/SelfmadeYT Instructable: http://instructables.com/id/DIY-Holographic-Jewelry Gearbest link: http://goo.gl/MecnmX UCmHy_kZcvnvPppRYd6nkI6A laser engraver #DIY #Holographic #Jewelry #Laser #engraver #scrap #wood

How to set parameters in AutoLaser software, China laser cutting and engraving machine,

If your made-in-China laser machine has AutoLaser software with it. Then you can use this way to set the main parameters such as table size and pulse. load default settings from motherboard then save it as a file on hard disk before you doing any change on it. I’m Liu Xin in China, I sell […]

4015 2kw fiber laser cutting machine, 4m cnc fiber laser cutter 2000w

4015 2kw fiber laser cutting machine, 4m cnc fiber laser cutter 2000w #2kwfiberlasercuttingmachine #fiberlasercutter2000w #cncfiberlasercuttingmachine2000w Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co,.LTD. primalasercut.com Address: Mingjue Industrial Park , Shiqiu Town, Lishui Zone, Nanjing Mobile&whatsapp:86-18151032788 Skype:jack.cao6 UCvDvHCbyxZQ-IGD9GQaqUDw laser cutter machine #2kw #fiber #laser #cutting #machine #cnc #fiber #laser #cutter #2000w

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